30 year old man of deficiency of the kidney do?

30 year old man of deficiency of the kidney do?
1, diet supplements
Dominated by soft, proper eating nourishing food or medicine.
Advised of Yang foods, such as sparrows, dog, chicken, quail eggs, sparrows, eggs, sea cucumber, leek, ginger, cnidium.Appropriate zinc supplementation more foods, such as oysters, beef, chicken, liver, eggs, peanuts, etc. Advised to eat animalentrails. Should eat more arginine-containing foods, such as Yam, Ginkgo biloba, cuttlefish, Octopus, etc.
Excessive cold, cold foods easy to kidney damage, such as bitter gourd, pork, goose meat, beer, eating too much kidney damage,to eat less.
In addition, men too much detergent kidney damage, family should use less detergent for washing their tableware, and fruits and vegetables to prevent detergent residue is excessive intake.
2, exercise strong kidney
Proper exercise can delay aging, kidney impotence, but it should not be too large, you should choose what sport to promote bloodcirculation, improves blood loss, gas and so on.
Walking, jogging, brisk walking, or appropriate walking barefoot on pebbles, promoting blood circulation, on the role of adjuvanttherapy with kidney deficiency.
① taijiquan
The slow movement as the pivot at the waist, very suitable for the frail middle-aged exercise. Kidney in the waist, regular activitiesfor the waist, can make the circulation of qi and blood flow from the waist, the kidney has been filled. Kidney patients are unable to at the waist, and Tai Chi exercises, could be improved, so as to play a role in kidney. Chi claims to gravity, you can calm theinner thoughts, which serve to protect the purpose of kidney essence. Tai Chi exercises, it is best to park in the fresh air of themorning, under the trees, and the water’s edge.
② strong kidney
Both feet parallel, feet from the shoulder-width apart. Visual apex. Arm hang, palms to the had razor-sharp creases and fingeryour. Heel lift. Breathe 9 consecutive times without landing.
Then inhale and slowly curved knee squat, hands back before the turn, Tiger on the ankle. When the hand close to the ground,grabbing fist (catch), suction of air.
Hold your breath, slowly stood up, hands down, gradually squeeze.
Exhale body stand at attention, and two arm twist, punch hearts forward, elbows on both sides squeeze the soft spots, and bodyand heel lift, and ANI, breathe. Above procedure several times in a row.
③ massage lumbar
Two Palms to rub between Palms heat, 13 from the waist up, palms to the skin, and massage the waist, up to a sense of heat.Sooner or later each time, each about 200. These movements can be good fate, kidney qi.
④ contraction of anal
Prostrate or erect, relax, breathe naturally. When exhaling, contraction of anal action as a bowel when inhaling and relaxing,repeated about 30 times. Sooner or later, you can. This feature increases around the pelvic blood circulation, promote sex organrehabilitation, prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency caused by impotence premature ejaculation, the woman low sexual desire has a good effect.

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