1 people lost wild tour pal Beijing fell off a cliff in the night – firefighters rescue-rainism

1 people lost wild tour pal fell off the cliff overnight rescue firefighters – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) the day before yesterday evening, East Lake port Fangshan District town of Shidu scenic area has more than the wild tour pal trapped for 5 hours, from 1 a.m. yesterday found 11 people, another 5 people to get the day before yesterday contact the trapped mostly women. One of them fell off the cliff, steep mountains, firefighters by ropes and search and rescue soft stretcher. As of press time, fell down the mountain tour pal has been found seriously, still in the rescue. Due to the incident after the absence of mobile communication signals, low visibility at night in the mountains, rugged mountains, lush vegetation, and complex terrain, steep slope, the rescue work has brought great difficulties. Fangshan city fire brigade fire squadron after more than 3 hours of searching, yesterday at 1:20 in the morning, found 11 trapped tour pal. Most of them were women, one of whom was a younger girl, who was severely overdrawn at the time and was seriously frightened by the night trapped in the mountains. After a short pause, firefighters decided to adopt a clinch. (i.e., a head connected trapped, another head is connected with the officers and soldiers) will transfer 11 trapped down the mountain safely. Then, after more than 4 hours of search and found another 5 trapped tour pal. The 1 Tour pal fell off a cliff, fire officers and soldiers to take the triangle point fixed way, success will fall more than 30 meters of the cliff rescue tour pal. Yesterday evening around 5, injured by tour pal lift down the 120 emergency personnel rushed to hospital.相关的主题文章: