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"2 men" to the summit audience really into the camp hero suction eye of numerous Sohu "really" entertainment 2 male ratings again on   Sohu; entertainment news the evening of November 11th, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? The air force continues to contribute articles in sincere masterpiece based on the three phase of the ratings gains across the board. At the end of the first station Raytheon commando Tiexue polish, eight Air Force recruits from the physical to the will gradually brought out "real soldiers" style, more high morale, spirit is full. This program as the second station troops training guide "hero camp" for the opening of the new recruits will adapt to the new environment, to test the performance of the assault true reproduction, the audience also follow the pace of the new recruits, experienced a field guide "hero camp" baptism of blood. The latest data show that the whole program CSM national network ratings 1.48, share of 4.75%, the program continued high fidelity, up to 35.2%, the audience is the highest level of the program on Friday. The show last night, "an alarm suddenly rang several times" and "digital pronunciation teaching, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training site attracted a wide audience of new experience, part of the audience expressed to the air force for watching, this program not only star recruits the nature of the audience triggered heated discussion, at the same time after 95, comrade Cai Junjie, Wang Wei monitor exhibited by military accomplishment also let the audience continue to be powder, yesterday after the broadcast, # #, # real man Jiang kifo #, # Zitao #, # Huang Cai Junjie # were boarded micro-blog hot search list. Pull a rescue, smile tears intertwined the whole period of the program as the climax constantly recruits Second Polish troops, the Army Air Force ace pilot "hero camp" has its own unique training mode and system. Accompanied by a alarm sounded, the recruits immediately unprepared to enter the training state, after several rounds of training and teaching, the recruits quickly correct their attitude, to actively prepare for. The clock sounded a warning at any time this study recruits the ability to improvise, to further enhance the sense of teamwork and sense of responsibility, the audience also recruits the rapid run feel full of youthful passion. Digital pronunciation teaching scene, Arabia military digital reading interesting to attract attention, to stimulate the curiosity of the recruits also led the audience’s enthusiasm for learning. Arabia number 1 to 0 digital pronunciation respectively read one, two or three, four or five, six, eight, turn, hook, hole, random questions recruits instructors in the encounter did not fully grasp the situation, the digital time memory and the correct pronunciation of conversion of double test instant earthquake Meng people, "the group off" embarrassed situation at this time, Yang Mi alone play the leading role, low-key school overlord stunning the audience, more yellow Zi Tao 50 seconds 60 push ups "self refresh record. Ebullience learning atmosphere, we once again harvest of joy and moved. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation rescue link, the instructor of a true on the battlefield, there is no sex, no age, only save, so that recruits and the audience are infected. Jiang Jinfu and Huang Zitao show deep friendship,.相关的主题文章: