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Beijing city in 2016 the first Chaoyang District community elderly study results show society people.com.cn people.com.cn October 23 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Ena Zhang Runzhi) "Chaoyang Ying sunset silver youth, 2016 in Beijing City, the first Chaoyang District community elderly learning exhibitionactivities days ago held in Chaoyang park. More than 600 elderly volunteers participated in the activities of the Chaoyang District Street Village, the full display of the elderly learning projects in Chaoyang District, summed up the results of the study of the elderly in the. Diverse forms of activities, both singing and dancing, Allegro, fashion show, Tai Chi Fan program performance report, also introduced the various graphic display street and educational institutions of elderly learning, as well as the old education consulting, "Chaoyang e learning books free propaganda, interactive activities etc.. According to reports, in recent years, Beijing City, Chaoyang District attaches great importance to the elderly, elderly education and the construction of old-age service system, the integration of learning city construction, community education as the main carrier, to carry out a wide range of elderly learning services. At present, Chaoyang District has achieved a Chaoyang University for the aged "at school", Chaoyang Community College and the Beijing Oriental women aged University "three butt fusion" and "happiness endowment class" community education service mode, improve the quality of elderly learning; study and formulate the mechanism of supporting the elderly to participate in learning, increase funding to support the elderly aged learning and learning project, regional alliance, community colleges and schools involved in the old professional occupation, help the construction of cultural education area; also held the "seed project" community education backbone volunteer training, creating a "young and old words of idiom" old brand "learning, development of retirement" ten textbook, to create "Chaoyang e learning platform, realize the old learning" Internet plus". (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: