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25 countries and regions, more than 350 people in Quanzhou delegation open the "sea silk" trip to Beijing in November 15th, the legendary Shaolin martial arts performances attracted to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other 25 countries and regions, more than 350 members of the delegation of sea silk tourism resources. Liao Jing photo Beijing, Quanzhou, November 15, (Liao Jing) Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions of the 25 travel sector and more than and 90 domestic and foreign media, consisting of more than 350 people "Hester" tourism resources delegation arrived in the maritime Silk Road starting point of city — Fujian Quanzhou 15 open, 2 days of "Hester" tour. It is understood that, in order to further promote the Marine Silk Road culture, in accordance with the deployment of National Tourism Bureau, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau organized to attend the second session of the maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival overseas guests inspected Seacell cultural tourism resources. During the period, they will visit Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple, Qingyuan mountain, Luoyang bridge, Po? Folk culture village "Marine Silk Road inscription and culture, and watch Quanzhou Nanyin, puppet world intangible cultural heritage. That night, in Quanzhou Fairview village, the simple and elegant "," lively singing of Nanyin bright spring days funny puppet show "monkey", fresh and elegant flowers "and" Liyuan opera, the legendary Shaolin martial arts performances, let guests at home and abroad to watch, frequent praise. STEVE, Quebec, Canada tourism is the eighth time to come to China, but it is the first time to Quanzhou. He felt very honored to have this opportunity, and look forward to seeing a different Chinese landscape. From India, AMBARISH is also the first time to come to Quanzhou, he introduced to the Quanzhou tourism sector in Quanzhou and India have long been interested in the history of trade. He said he was looking forward to organizing some India tourists to visit Quanzhou. In his performance that night, he was also surprised at the strange and varied national dance in Quanzhou, Huian. Quanzhou is the first batch of China "historical and cultural city", Chinese first "Asian culture, UNESCO awarded the world’s first" World Culture Exhibition Center, is the world’s only at the same time with UNESCO in all 3 categories of intangible cultural heritage list in the city. The chief of the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of tourism market development division Ye Junwei said that with the "Sea Silk Road" culture has gradually been excavated, Quanzhou is rich in tourism resources "Hester" is also looking forward to the world once again found. (end)相关的主题文章: