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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Emma Watson was a natural as the face of Burberry – the pale, ethereal look and flowing locks somehow chiming perfectly with the classic brands quintessentially English identity. The great buying public seemed to respond to her too; indeed, in her brief dalliance with Burberry Watson was credited with supplying much of the oomph behind a 24% surge in sales at the very height of the economic crisis. Now, though, just over a year after the beginning of this beautiful friendship, she is gone, released from her obligations for reasons still unclear and heading off into the sunset with only an armful of trench coats and a hefty cheque for her trouble. Her replacement is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who, despite a name that speaks impeccably of English toffery stands out like an exotic flower among Burberrys more pallid cast of spokesmodels and spokesmusicians. A former Victorias Secret model and film starlet and who among us is not eagerly awaiting the release of Transformers 3? she may signal a new departure for Burberry which despite a makeover that has taken it some way from its classic origins is still indelibly associated with clean lines and its characteristic plaid. We wouldnt bet on it though. At least judging from its watch collection, this is a brand that is still acutely aware of its strengths and of the secret of its enduring appeal. So, the current collection includes a round sport chronograph that has none of the business of so many chronographs but has a clean look that is classic Burberry. The gold-plated bracelet watch, with the Burberry plaid pattern engraved on case, dial and bracelet also runs true to form. Even the more cutting edge models echo the brands defining qualities, witness the sleek black ceramic watches with the legendary Haymarket check links, previewed at our Long Acre event earlier this month and due on this site later this year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: