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Dating Facebook Flirting is the latest ways to flirt online. It’s a natural extension of email flirting or text flirting and makes the most of the world’s most used social networking site. The great thing about flirting on Facebook is that you can see information about her, so you have things to chat to her about and you can also chat with her via Facebook chat. You can also check out her images too and not just the one’s taken and uploaded by her, like on other sites, but also those uploaded by her friends, so you get a much more rounded view of her. The tip to focus on with regard to Facebook flirting, is to keep things natural. You wouldn’t want to appear that you’re stalking her as this is just a bit too into her and this is a quick method to make her run a mile. You also want to keep a sense of mystery about yourself too, as this will help to keep her interested and wanting to know more about who you really are. Therefore, put enough information on your profile to give her a good idea of what type of man you are and for her to be able to talk to you about, but not so much that she feels there is nothing else to find out about you. It’s also necessary to remember that you are painting an image of yourself with your Facebook page. She will be able to see what you are posting on other peoples walls and posts too (dependent on your privacy settings of course, but you want to keep these fairly open as if you hide everything she’ll think you have things to be ashamed of.). Therefore, keep replies nice and friendly and well mannered. Don’t misunderstand me here though, I’m not suggesting you should be boring and in fact it’s really necessary you are not. Make jokes and be funny with your comments, status updates and other posts, just don’t be rude or say things that’ll make a negativeimpression. You want to show her that you like to have a laugh and a joke and are a funny and fun man to be around. This is really useful as women love guys which make them laugh. This is exactly in all of the different techniques of flirting for guys. You also want to portray to her that you are a friendly guy, so take a camera out with you when you go out with your mates and post these to your profile. Girls want to be able to see you are outgoing and sociable. An awesome trick here is to have photos of you with other females too. Now, I don’t mean pictures of you snogging or cuddling other girls intimately, but just photos of you with female friends will show her that other women are at happy around you and give her confidence she will feel similar if she was in their position. This also helps to add a little envy into the mix and she will want to fight for you a bit more. Be careful whilst trying this though, as you don’t want to scare her off by thinking you’re a playa. A trick here is that the women is these photos should be of a like type as the woman you re trying to attract as this will make it easier for her to imagine herself in their place with you. These are just a few Facebook flirting tips that you can use to have a greater success with girls. With pretty much everyone being on Facebook these days, this makes Facebook flirting a very useful and powerful method for winning over the mind of a girl you are interested in. Practice these few of the most vital points to getting results with this and you will be well on your way to getting the girl you’ve always dreamed about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: