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Careers-Employment Home ought to be our clearing house from where we go forth lessoned and disciplined. School is considered to be the second home where we get ready for life. In some cases both home and school are brought together to produce the future citizens who are conscious about duties and responsibilities of their life and other"s as well. Boarding schools in India have taken this step for building brighter future. Boarding schools in India with international standards are considered to be the apt place for the overall growth of a child as they are spending their entire time in the school and premises under guidance. Their mentors get the opportunity to monitor each child vigilantly and do all the needful for them. The study hours available to students in a boarding school is higher than a day scholar as the afterhours of regular classes turn out to be potential time for them. And the most important quality a student posses from being a boarding school is self sufficiency. It becomes easier to understand if we go along with a proper exemplar like Oakridge International Boarding School Vizag. The school is considered to be the best international school in Vizag in academics and non academic activities of its students. The school is located in place like Vishakhapatnam which is known as the City of Destiny and is one of the largest seaports and India"s oldest shipyard. Oakridge International Boarding school is made keeping the aura of the place and is the finest place to live. Not only the infrastructure but the curriculum they offer is also outstanding. They follow internationally recognized CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and national syllabus of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Apart from the academic peculiarities, the school concentrates on the other parts like personality development, extracurricular activities, organizing and planning skills etc. There are international students on board which facilitate cultural exchange among children through various camps for students, field trips etc. with the motto of providing holistic education to their students. Since education is all about building the blocks for future, there need to be proper manufacturing units, which are our schools, who make best blocks for a strong foundation. And fortunately we have such good quality international schools in India who fulfill their responsibility in a perfect manner. The Oakridge residential facility aims at academic excellence, quality living, education and environs beyond learning basic etiquettes and safe influences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: