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OPEC production reduction negotiation no solution, crude oil market pressure again, hot column fund flow thousand stocks, 1000 evaluation stocks, diagnosis of the latest rating analog trading client We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Original title: OPEC cut oil market consultation no solution under pressure again, reporter Wang Zhoujie, editor of millet after two days of negotiations, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) production issues still no solution. Because Iran and Iraq hope to get immunity, leading to differences within opec. Last year, crude oil prices in New York and London fell to the largest since mid September. Last weekend, OPEC officials and non OPEC members, including Russia, held a two day consultation in Vienna, mainly discussing how to take measures to reduce production to stabilize the international oil market. However, there was disagreement among OPEC members about how to implement the reduction of production, which led to the failure to reach any cooperation agreement after the consultation. According to overseas media, as Iran and Iraq both want to get immunity to production cuts, consultations are deadlocked. Natiq Aliyev, the energy minister of Azerbaijan, said that in from November 25th to 26th, the leaders of the oil producing countries will hold consultations again, and the final result will depend on the attitudes of Iran and iraq. Data released by Beck Hughes, an oil service company, showed that the number of active drilling rigs in the United States dropped by 2 last week, ending the 17 consecutive Zhou Zengjia momentum. Nevertheless, investors’ attention is still focused on OPEC’s failure to agree on a reduction plan, which has led to sluggish oil prices last week. In Friday’s trading, the crude oil futures prices in New York and London fell by 2% and 1.5% respectively in recent months. From the weekly line, the decline was about 4%, the worst single week performance since mid September. Easecredit financial headquarters Chinese District deputy chief business officer Zhu Wenhao said, the current OPEC only allows Iran and Nigeria in three countries, Libya and Iraq did not request exemption from production, may be exempted by the exemption, because Iraq will require Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, OPEC cut more. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Research Department of commodity research department director Rabah Arezki and economist Matsumoto Tetsuhito recently wrote that the price of oil in recent months has stabilized, but there is good reason to believe that oil prices will not return to the historical high before the collapse of two years ago. They believe that shale oil production, on the one hand, has permanently increased supplies at lower prices. OPEC’s expectation of reducing production with other oil exporting countries has raised prices to further stimulate shale oil producers to increase production. On the other hand, demand will be depressed because of the slowing growth of emerging markets and global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. All this will bring new changes to the oil market. THE_END theory

欧佩克减产磋商无解 原油市场再度承压 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:欧佩克减产磋商无解 原油市场再度承压   ⊙记者 王宙洁○编辑谷子   经过两天的磋商,石油输出国组织(欧佩克)的减产议题依旧无解。由于伊朗及伊拉克等国希望获得豁免权,导致欧佩克内部出现分歧。而迟迟未有定论的产量问题令国际油价承压,上周纽约及伦敦两地的指标原油价格跌幅创9月中旬以来最大。   上周末,欧佩克官员和包括俄罗斯在内的非欧佩克成员国官员在维也纳进行了为期两天的磋商,主要讨论如何采取减产等措施稳定国际油市。但由于欧佩克内部对于如何落实减产这一议题存在分歧,导致磋商过后各方未能达成任何合作协议。   据海外媒体披露,由于伊朗和伊拉克都希望获得减产豁免权,磋商因此陷入僵局。阿塞拜疆能源部长Natiq Aliyev则表示,11月25日至26日,产油国领导层将再度举行磋商,而最终结果将取决于伊朗和伊拉克方面的态度。   石油服务公司贝克休斯发布的数据显示,上周美国活跃钻机数量减少2座,结束连续17周增加的势头。尽管如此,投资者的注意力仍聚焦于欧佩克未能就减产计划达成一致上,这导致国际油价在上周表现低迷。   在上周五的交易中,纽约及伦敦两地近月原油期货价格分别大跌2%及1.5%。从周线看,两者跌幅均在4%左右,创下9月中旬以来最差单周表现。   易信金融总部中国区副首席交易官朱文灏称,目前欧佩克仅允许伊朗、利比亚和尼日利亚三个国家豁免减产,而伊拉克要求豁免的请求不大可能被通过,因为伊拉克的豁免将要求沙特和其他欧佩克海湾国家减产更多。   国际货币基金组织(IMF)研究部大宗商品研究室主管Rabah Arezki以及经济学家松本哲人近日撰文称,近几个月石油价格有所企稳,但是,有充分的理由相信,油价不会回到两年前历史性崩溃之前的高位。   他们认为:一方面,页岩油生产以较低价格永久地增加了供应。欧佩克将与其他石油出口国合作减产的预期已经将价格提升到了会进一步刺激页岩油生产商增加产量的水平。另一方面,由于新兴市场增长放缓以及全球减少碳排放努力,需求将受到抑制。这一切都将给石油市场带来新变化。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: