Zhou Ying 泊莱美

The department stores in Guangzhou: the mall turned playground release positive signal transformation – Sohu finance Xinhua Guangzhou February 12th news (reporter Wang Pan, Zhou Ying) in the year of the monkey during the Spring Festival, Guangzhou each big market "turned" the amusement park, the introduction of rich entertainment formats, attracted a large number of consumers. Many business analysts believe that ushered in the "Spring Festival behind the good" in the mall, the release of city retail and department store industry is to provide experience industry as a breakthrough initiative, positive market signal transformation. During the Spring Festival, Guangzhou major shopping plaza style all their own, to launch a number of rich and colorful spring theme activities. "This new year in Taikoo Hui Ming" as the theme, the reduction of amplification characteristics of South of the Five Ridges bonsai, to attract customers with rich south of the Five Ridges style courtyard; Onelink flower art installations to create "the mood for love, kind heart" as the theme of the peony in the mall atrium, for customers. In order to attract customers, Grandview Plaza, Tianhe Road, sea world is the introduction of polar marine animal performances spring. Retail winter, Guangzhou major shopping malls began to transition, seeking opportunities. From the sale to the mall, incarnation playground, delicacy, transformation means gradually upgrade. Among them, the consumer site experience as the main consumption patterns of the "experience format", is becoming a major shopping center "killer". The square is the best and most representative as an example, the Spring Festival holiday this year has invested 1 billion yuan of funds the construction of the polar ocean world, performing arts theatre and Star Wars exhibition three projects, and Onelink, 100 letters Square commercial plaza in a month before the holiday began funding planning activities. The market has also responded positively, statistics show that the Guangzhou market turnover grew nearly 30% in the year of monkey. Guangdong Province circulation chamber of Commerce executive director Huang Wenjie said in an interview, the retail industry of Guangzhou Spring Festival good, reflecting the shopping center to continue to change, by providing catering, entertainment and fitness business experience industry to attract consumers, has a good effect on the market. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of statistics released the latest data, last year 1 to November, the city of Guangzhou to complete the total retail sales of social consumer goods 723 billion 371 million yuan, an increase of 11.4%, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry growth of 11.5% and 10.3% respectively. Author: Wang Pan Zhou Ying from Xinhua News Agency)

广州百货业:商场变身游乐场释放转型积极信号-搜狐财经   新华社广州2月12日专电(记者王攀、周颖)猴年春节期间,广州各大商场“变身”游乐场,推出丰富的娱乐体验业态,吸引了大批消费者。多位商业界分析人士认为,在商场迎来“春节利好”的背后,释放出大中城市实体零售和百货业正以提供体验业态为突破口主动出击,积极进行转型的市场信号。  春节期间,广州各大商业购物广场各出奇招,推出一批丰富多彩的新春主题活动。太古汇以“百鸟朝凤鸣新岁”为主题,还原放大岭南特色盆景,以浓郁的岭南庭院风情吸引顾客;万菱汇在商场中庭打造“花样年华、别样心意”为主题的牡丹花艺术装置,供顾客留影。为吸引顾客,天河路的正佳广场海洋世界更是推出极地海洋动物新春表演活动。  零售寒冬,广州各大商场开始转型,寻求机遇。从打折促销,到商场化身游乐场、美食场,转型手段逐步升级。其中,以消费者现场体验为主要消费模式的“体验业态”,正在成为各大购物中心的“杀手锏”。  以最具代表性的正佳广场为例,今年春节假期前累计投入10亿元资金建设了极地海洋世界、演艺剧院和星球大战展三个项目,而万菱汇、百信广场等商业广场均在节前一个月就开始投入资金策划春节活动。市场对此也反应积极,有统计显示,广州商场猴年春节营业额增长近三成。  广东省流通业商会执行会长黄文杰接受媒体采访时表示,广州百货业的春节利好,反映出购物中心不断求变,通过提供餐饮、娱乐、健身等电商无法提供的体验业态来吸引消费者,具有良好的市场效果。  据广州市统计局最新公布的数据,去年1至11月份,广州市全市完成社会消费品零售总额7233.71亿元,增长11.4%,其中批发和零售业、住宿和餐饮业分别增长11.5%和10.3%。  作者:王攀 周颖来源新华社)相关的主题文章: