year Beijing property market continued to double or higher demand Wang 万里桥西一草堂

(network media go turn change) year Beijing property market continued to double or higher demand Wang (Figure) – Sohu securities February 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Gao Chang) 2015, China market overall modest signs of recovery, Beijing in 2014 the average transaction price of new homes rose about 10%, two hand housing turnover is also booming, signing Taoshuo than in 2014 rose by over 9, after 2009. The fifth day of the new year, Beijing began to rain. The first four seasons Yiyuan poly sales offices in the West six ring outside, still have the related stock movements of the public housing by twos and threes. Each person who works hard outside has a dream in his heart, and he realizes it slowly through his own efforts. A couple on the day told reporters, "this year’s new year did not return home, intends to look at the house, a home in Beijing."." Mr. Zhao in Beijing for many years, also have the same idea, but when it comes to prices, Mr. Zhao sighed: "Beijing prices are too high, but as long as the purchase conditions, economic strength still want to buy a house in Beijing, work zaikuzailei, the heart always has a thought, is round this " Beijing dream; "." Sales personnel Miss Gao said, "because the property for self occupied commercial housing, sales are relatively good, new year’s Eve on the eve of the transaction, buyers are mostly outside Beijing personnel." Data show that, from 2015 Beijing project sales 16072 the first ten regional distribution point of view, there are 7 projects in the five rings to six rings, 3 projects outside the six ring. The price of these ten projects is below thirty thousand per square meter, which is just the price acceptable to the customers. Xiao Gong, who is engaged in real estate agency work, has adjusted his condition after his Spring Festival holiday and has devoted himself to intense work. He is responsible for the area of school district housing more, before doing rental business, "compared to leasing business, business season is not so obvious, many people look, Saturday day basically work all day."." Xiao Gong told reporters. Second hand housing transactions unpopular, Gong Gong income has also improved, "trading business than lease money, but also a little bit of luck."." He said with a smile. He wasn’t worried about his transition. "I have to learn more and understand more about national policies, because business requires strong expertise," he said. SouFun data show that the first week of February in Beijing (February 1st -2 7) turnover of 2292 residential units, up 72.5% qoq. In addition, in January, Beijing pure commercial housing total turnover of 6462 sets, an increase of 28%. Second hand housing, January turnover of more than twenty thousand sets. Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, the supply of new homes significantly reduced, with increasing luxury, part of the market demand are forced to turn to second-hand housing, some plans to purchase family hoped to catch the completion of the transaction in the year before the Spring Festival, "and a series of favorable policies superposition due to combined factors, brought rising market in January the amount of." Chen Zhi, vice president of Beijing Real Estate Association, said that the 1-2 months of the year are the real estate market downturn in Beijing, compared with 2015, the first month of 2016 transactions can be called a high starting point. Smooth policy

(网络媒体走转改)猴年北京楼市高开 供需或持续双旺(图)-搜狐证券  新华网北京2月17日电(记者 高畅) 2015年,中国楼市总体出现温和复苏迹象,北京新房成交均价较2014年同比上涨约10%,二手房成交也异常火爆,签约套数较2014年同比上涨超9成,仅次于2009年。  大年初五,北京下起了小雨。在西六环外的首开保利四季怡园售楼处,仍然有 相关公司股票走势 三三两两的市民来看房。  每个在外打拼的人心中都有一个梦想,都在通过自己的努力慢慢实现。当天看房的一对夫妻告诉记者,“今年过年没有回老家,打算看看房子,在北京安个家。”  在北京打拼多年的赵先生也有同样的想法,但是说到房价,赵先生叹了一口气:“北京房价太高了,但是只要符合购房条件,有经济实力还是想在北京买房,工作再苦再累,心中总有一个念想,就是圆了这个"北京梦"。”销售人员高小姐说,“由于该楼盘为自住型商品房,销售情况比较好,大年除夕当天都有成交,购房者则大多为外地来京人员。”  数据显示,从2015年北京项目销售套数前十位区域分布来看,有7个项目在五环到六环之间,3个项目在六环外。这十个项目价格都在每平米三万以下,是刚需客群能接受的价位。  从事房产中介工作的小龚春节长假后已经调整好状态投入紧张的工作中。他负责的片区学区房较多,之前也做过租赁业务,“相比租赁业务,买卖业务的淡旺季没有那么明显,看房的人也很多,周六日基本上全天都在工作。”小龚告诉记者。  二手房成交的火爆,小龚的收入也有了提高,“买卖业务比租赁挣钱,但是也要有一点点运气。”他笑着说。对于自己的转型,他并不担心。“我还要多学习,多了解国家政策,因为买卖业务需要很强的专业知识”他表示。  搜房网数据显示,北京2月首周(2月1日-2月7日)成交住宅2292套,环比上涨72.5%。另外,1月北京纯商品住宅共实现成交6462套,同比增加28%。二手房方面,1月成交量超过两万套。伟业我爱我家集团副总裁胡景晖分析称,新房供应量大幅减少,加上日渐豪宅化,部分市场需求被迫转向二手房,一些计划购房的家庭希望赶在春节前完成交易,“全年利好政策叠加和一系列因素的综合作用,带来了1月交易量的持续上涨。”北京房地产业协会副会长陈志表示,每年的1-2月均是北京房地产市场的成交低谷期,相比2015年,2016年首月的成交情况可以称得上是高起点。  政策方面,北京从供给侧开始加大对房地产的调控力度。1月29日,北京两会闭幕,其中有关房地产方面的措施包括停止新建经适房、限价房,主要设置自住房、公租房和棚改安置房,同时控制大户型高价位住宅供给。  截至2015年,北京的常住人口已突破2170万。首都经贸大学房地产研究中心主任赵秀池分析,庞大的人口数量和增长趋势,仍令楼市需求量不断增加。继2009年北京突破人口目标之后,近五年又增加了近400万。如果简单按照三口之家计算,北京每年需要新增26万套房子,这与2015年楼市供给量形成巨大反差。  中国社会科学院城市发展与环境研究所主任牛凤瑞预计,2016年楼市供求双旺盛的势头将持续下去,北京房价恐怕上升8%、9%左右是大概率。陈志预测,未来北京楼市将形成低端市场靠政策、高端市场豪宅化的分化局面。  作者:高畅相关的主题文章: