has been for the user take quick payment fee. In the face of domestic users who have long been accustomed to free 飘逸之旅

What are the difficulties in collecting and charging WeChat? In the evening of February 15th, WeChat announced that since March 1st, WeChat changed the amount of cash to the bank card, will charge 0.1% of the user’s fee, at least 0.1 yuan. Each user (in the ID card dimension) enjoy a 1000 yuan free deposit amount, exceeding the part of the bank fees charged. WeChat word understatement notice, and did not make it clear they want to do, but by the industry all kinds of interpretation, also aroused a lot of doubt. For example, it is generally believed that WeChat withdrawals are actually equivalent to bank deposits. In theory, banks will not charge fees, and WeChat should not charge them. "The next Alipay no charge." But in fact, the so-called "withdrawals" means that the user transfers the money from the zero wallet to the bank card. Third party payment accounts to cash in the bank, known as the "pay", rather than "deposit". WeChat official on the twenty-first Century economic report said that each quick payment interface call, the bank will charge fees according to the amount of money, never free say. With the WeChat payment transaction volume exponential rise, the cost is already "volume level". WeChat has been subsidizing users. But because of the excessive cost pressure, WeChat began to take measures to collect fees from users." WeChat further explained that even if WeChat charge a fee of 0.1%, also lower than the rates charged by banks, WeChat is still in subsidies to users; even if WeChat generated interest in the bank account, to the current deposit interest rate is also very little, not from bank call interface costs offset. "The next Alipay" is also bear this cost, it has on the PC end the charges, but in the mobile terminal, Alipay also said, has been for the user take quick payment fee. In the face of domestic users who have long been accustomed to free, when Internet Co charges, there will always be twists and turns. But more importantly, many of the things between the bank and WeChat are unknown, including WeChat’s Bank set up in which bank, the bank charged a proportion of WeChat’s fees, and so on. This information asymmetry, WeChat questioned also inevitable. Things continue to ferment, and the market begins to spread all kinds of "curve salvation" way, in order to make withdrawals can be free. And this time, Tencent finance through the announcement: "WeChat use more deposits, Tencent finance through the free fee.". Perhaps it is intended to make a touch ball marketing, but also let some users mistakenly think of small change to buy financial products after free cash. The fact is that after the purchase of small change, the money is still in the small change account, but still need to pay the fee. WeChat says there’s only one way to hand out, and that’s to take out the change. In other words, WeChat uses this method, to some extent, is to promote the funds deposited in their own system, allowing users to use small change as much as possible consumption. But overall, the Tencent this move go a bit strange. The development of Tencent financial business, the strategy has been relatively cautious, not easily for friends to do the wedding dress on

提现收费微信有何“苦衷”?   文 纪佳鹏   2月15日傍晚,微信方面宣布,从3月1日起,微信零钱提现到银行卡,将会收取用户0.1%的手续费,最少为0.1元。每位用户(以身份证维度)一次性享受1000元免费提现额度,超出部分按银行费率收取手续费。   微信轻描淡写百来字的公告,并没有讲清楚他们要做的事情,反而是引发业内各种解读,也激起了不少疑问。比如,人们普遍认为微信提现实际上等同于在向银行存款,理论上银行不会收取费用,微信则更不应该收取。“隔壁支付宝都没有收。”   但事实上,所谓的提现,指的是用户把零钱包里面的钱转出到银行卡。第三方支付账户的提现,在银行方面称为“代付”,而并非“存款”。   微信官方对21世纪经济报道表示,每笔快捷支付接口调用,银行都会按金额收取手续费用,从来没有免费之说。随着微信支付交易量指数级上升,这笔成本已然是“天量级别”。“微信此前一直补贴用户。但由于成本压力过大,微信才开始采取向用户收费的措施。”   微信方面进一步解释说,即使微信收取0.1%的手续费,也低于银行收取的费率,微信仍然在补贴用户;即使微信在银行的账户产生了利息,以目前的存款利率也微乎其微,无法抵消银行调用接口所产生的费用。   “隔壁支付宝”其实也承受着这笔费用,其在PC端上早已实行了收费,而在移动端上,支付宝方面也表示,一直在替用户承担快捷支付的手续费。   面对国内早已习惯于免费的网民,互联网公司要进行收费时,总会有所波折。但更重要的是,银行和微信之间的许多事情是外界无法知晓的,包括微信将账户设立在哪家银行,这家银行收取了微信多少比例的手续费,等等。这种信息不对称下,微信遭受质疑也是在所难免。   事情持续发酵,坊间进而开始流传出各种“曲线救国”的方式,为了使提现能够免费。而这个时候,腾讯理财通推出公告:《微信零钱用途多 存腾讯理财通取出免手续费》。或许其本意是为了打个擦边球进行营销,但又让部分用户误以为零钱购买理财通的产品之后提现免费。而事实是,零钱购买理财通之后取出仍在零钱账户中,提现仍然需要手续费。   微信说,免提现的方法只有一种,那便是将零钱花出去。换句话说,微信采用如此方法,某种程度上是为了促进资金沉淀在自己体系之内,让用户尽可能用零钱消费。   但总体看,腾讯这几步棋走得有些蹊跷。腾讯系金融业务的发展,其战略推进一直相对谨慎,不会轻易为友商“做嫁衣”。微信支付虽然发展迅速,但是总体市场份额并没有超过支付宝,此番在支付宝前对移动端用户实行收费,与之前的风格并不一致。   红包大战,微信和QQ无疑获得了不小的胜利。但是,红包终究不是金融行为,而是社交行为。绑卡量涨上去了之后,第三方支付的真正决战点是在交易和消费。所以在春节红包大战之后,微信采取如此手段,一方面可以弥补自己的成本,另一方面无疑可以促进微信支付在各种消费场景中的使用频率。   其实,微信支付早已经设立了各种消费场景,“钱包”中目前就有手机充值、信用卡还款、理财通、生活缴费等多种选择。   (编辑:黄锴,邮箱:huangk@@21jingji) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: