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Decision analysis: currencies follow the stock market ups and downs all of Yellen’s testimony on February 10th evening 07:00 to 19:00 currencies: Wednesday (February 10th) ASEM intraday, currencies and stock market liquidity is extremely high. The market performance is expected to depend more on Yellen’s testimony later on. The Nikkei 225 index closed down 2.31% on the trading day to 15713.39 below 16000. The surge in the yen to buy, once the dollar yen fell to 114.25 line, almost equal to yesterday’s low of 114.24. However, the European stock market rose across the board, driven by a rise in bank shares. The German DAX index expanded to 2.06%; the French CAC index rose to 2.08%; the FTSE index rose 1.07%. Dollar, yen will return to the top of the 115 pass. And the key incident in the day is still Yellen testimony. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen announced half yearly monetary policy testimony at the House Financial Services Committee at 21:30 Beijing time. Whether or not to raise interest rates in March will be the focus of the market. Other currencies, the euro dollar dropped to around 1.1245, the Australian dollar rose above the 0.7100 mark. In focus, vane: analysis of semi annual monetary policy testimony to major currencies: 21:30 Fed chairman Yellen in the House Financial Services Committee: the euro: Sanya weeks early, the euro dollar opened at 1.1287, the dollar intraday modestly lower. From a technical point of view, the euro dollar daily MACD lingering red column kinetic energy, KDJ indicator upward. From the daily chart, the euro short-term to continue upward powei. JPY: Sanya starts at the beginning of the week, with USD / JPY opened at 115.10, and the exchange rate is recovering at the bottom. From a technical point of view, the dollar yen daily MACD green energy column amplification, KDJ index down. From the daily chart, there is a possibility of bottoming out for us dollar and yen short term. Australian Dollar: week Sanya start, Australian dollar opened at 0.7073, the exchange rate continued to rise. From a technical point of view, the Australian dollar daily MACD momentum red column contraction exhausted, KDJ index down. From the daily chart, the Australian dollar crashed. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

决策分析:汇市跟随股市起落 晚间全看耶伦证词   2月10日07:00至19:00   汇市概况:周三(2月10日)亚欧盘中,汇市表现和股市流动性极高。而预计在晚些时候的市场表现仍将更多地取决于耶伦证词。   日经225指数本交易日收盘下跌2.31%,至16000点下方的15713.39。激增的日元避险买需,也一度令美元 日元重挫至114.25一线,直逼昨日低点114.24。   但受银行股走高带动,欧洲股市全线上涨。德国DAX指数盘中涨幅扩大至2.06%;法国CAC指数涨幅扩大至2.08%;英国富时指数上涨1.07%。美元 日元也随之重返115.00关口上方。   而日内的关键事件仍在于耶伦证词。本交易日北京时间21:30,美联储主席耶伦在众议院金融服务委员会发表半年度货币政策证词。3月究竟会不会升息将是市场关注重点。   其他货币方面,欧元 美元回落至1.1245附近,澳元 美元走高至0.7100关口上方。   日内焦点、风向标:   21:30 美联储主席耶伦在众议院金融服务委员会发表半年度货币政策证词   主要货币走势分析:   欧元:周三亚市盘初,欧元 美元开于1.1287,汇价盘中温和走低。从技术上看,欧元 美元日图MACD红色动能柱犹存,KDJ指标向上。从日线图来看,欧元短线继续破位上行。   日元:周三亚市盘初,美元 日元开于115.10,汇价盘中探底回升。从技术上看,美元 日元日图MACD绿色动能柱放大,KDJ指标向下。从日线图来看,美元 日元短线存在见底可能。   澳元:周三亚市盘初,澳元 美元开于0.7073,汇价盘中持续走高。从技术上看,澳元 美元日图MACD红色动能柱收缩殆尽,KDJ指标向下。从日线图来看,澳元震荡交投。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: