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The future poster from NASA, the whole universe is released – Sohu, now, close your eyes and imagine the most fantastic cosmic scene out of the window. It seems difficult to dream out of the sky. "Now" still needs to tell you how beautiful the universe is, thanks to the progress of photography, and the art of the creator. "Heaven is healthy, gentleman is striving for self-improvement", and human development follows the operation of the whole universe. Instead of planting trees for later generations, it is better to finish the artificial dream. The NASA boldly made the past, present, future ideal, made a design of the full sense of the preview poster, for the next station of human travel direction. A series of human exploration of the universe compiled by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Chinese Translation: Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is presented in graphic design, and more approachable. The great journey, that is Voyager 1 and 2 of the Gemini spacecraft to explore the universe, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, the planet by gravity, so that they continue to sail, still provides many valuable astronomical information. All the missions of Mars have made people more aware of the ecological environment on the "habitable" planet. The Historic Site on the poster means that someday, when humans can explore more, don’t forget Mars’s discovery is an important milestone for mankind, and look back on the future and remember. People may not be familiar with this word, it’s Titan two, thanks to the Cassini probe, let’s know this cloud above one hundred ice fountain. Posters deliberately make fun of travel reservations, and maybe someday people can really see incredible sights! Oasis of the universe, not earth, where air is free! The only clockwise around the sun planets in 1769, Captain Cook in the South Pacific on seeing Venus live today, with the progress of science and technology, has been able to live online transits! No wonder posters encourage people to vote for the best observation points (and the solar system)! Jupiter, the planet’s planet planet, invites humans to enjoy the most beautiful lighting show in the solar system! NASA’s Juno project is about to explore its intense Aurora at the poles of Jupiter with unprecedented exploration. After the asteroid belt: Ceres, is essentially between Mars and Jupiter dwarf planet, March 2015 dawn found, will be opened on the ice stone interwoven ring. It seems that the future of imagining it is a resting place on the way to jupiter! Europa is also called Europa, with its special geological, is the Star Ocean for the earth two times a seawater salinity, thick ice was hidden. This does not know what kind of life under the possession of Europa until 2020, e.

来自 NASA 的未来海报,全宇宙上映-搜狐   现在,闭上眼,试想着窗外最梦幻的宇宙场景。   这样凭空做梦似乎有些困难,「现在」仍需藉由天文摄影图告诉你宇宙到底有多美,多亏摄影的进步,将造物主的艺术品防腐。   「天行健,君子以自强不息」,人类的发展效仿整个宇宙的运转,生生不息、进步不止。与其说前人种树后人乘凉,不如说前人造梦后人完成。这次 NASA 大胆将过去、现在、未来的理想,制成一张张设计感十足的预告海报,为人类的下一站旅行指出方向。由 Jet Propulsion Laboratory (中译:喷射推进实验室) 整理出的一系列人类探索宇宙编年史,以平面设计的方式呈现,更加平易近人。      伟大的旅程,说的是 Voyager 1 号、2 号这对双子宇宙飞船探索过的宇宙范围,包括木星、土星、天王星、海王星,藉由各星球上的重力,使得他们持续航行,至今仍然提供了许多可贵的天文资料。      一直以来,火星的种种任务,让人类更加清楚这颗「可能可居住」的星球上,有着如何的生态环境。海报上的 Historic Site 意味着未来某一天当人类能够探索更多的时候,别忘了火星上的发现是人类重要的里程碑,展望未来的同时,记得回顾。      人们对这一单字可能不太熟悉,它是土卫二,多亏卡西尼号探测船,让我们认识这颗上头有着超过一百座冰晶喷泉的烟云星球。海报故意打趣的制成旅游预订消息,或许有朝一日人们真的可以眼见不可思议的美景吧!      宇宙绿洲,非地球莫属了,在这里空气免费!      唯一顺时钟绕着太阳公转的行星,1769 年库克船长在南太平洋上眼见金星凌日的实况,今日藉由科技进步,凌日现象已经能在线直播了呢!难怪海报上鼓励大家票选最佳观察点(而且是以太阳系为范围)!      太阳系行星界的老大--木星,邀请人类来欣赏太阳系最美灯光秀!NASA 的朱诺计划即将以前所未见探究方式,在木星极点上探测它的强烈极光。      小行星带上之后:谷神星,实质上是介于火星与木星之间的矮行星,2015 年 3 月的曙光号发现它的存在,便开启了对这条冰石交织之环的研究。看来未来对它的想象,是座通往木星路上的休息站阿!      欧罗巴又称木卫二,拥有特殊地质的它,是颗盐度为地球海水两倍的海洋之星,被厚实的冰层隐藏。冰冻三尺之下不晓得藏有怎样的生命,待到 2020 年欧罗巴探测器为我们揭晓。      PSO J318.5-22 星球在 2013 年 10 月被发现,它相当古怪,在宇宙间漂浮,没有自己的轨迹、也不绕着任何一颗主星公转,科学家尚未厘清它的生成原因,但可以确定的是,它非常适合想永远泡在夜生活里的人!   「当你看着这些想象的探索蓝图,不要忘了,你也是人类未来的创造者。」这是 NASA 这系列海报Visions of the Future的创作宗旨。更多天文讯息别忘了到NASA 网站上探寻新知,更重要的是敢于作梦,让我们「飞向宇宙,浩瀚无垠」!   本文章为创用授权,转载请注明本站出处。   文 Sora│ 图 Visions of the Future相关的主题文章: