而随着美联储加息预期升温等等利空的发酵 兽性之血

Dolly empty and the second half of the city to the new normal subversion of the traditional sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls this Friday the index Tiaokong Dikaidizou, the reason as everyone knows you, for a stock market in Europe and America, the regulation is not loose anti tight, three stock market for poverty alleviation. Over the weekend the hawkish fed rumors that U.S. stocks fell, even if the dovish remarks began to have counter, but yesterday fell again, the formation of two Yin Yang clip of a air gun. It is doubtful whether the interest rate hike in September, key stocks have been rising for seven years, has tripled, from more than 6000 points to more than 18000 points up, so the possibility of a larger mid peaked. The same weekend, the reorganization of the backdoor management tightened, and graded funds and constraints. To make the market panic, the securities market undertook the poverty alleviation mission to nearly 600 counties. In fact, it is not surprising that the starting point of the establishment of China’s securities market is to make up for the loss and turnaround of state-owned enterprises. In the past twenty-six years, the positioning of the stock market has never changed, and the expansion of direct financing is to resolve the risks of indirect financing banks. Influence of superposition the heavy bad, Monday runs down so far did not fill the gap. Looking forward to the market, the market has once again become weak, and half a step down, saying that the next city has not seen, so that is the next half of the city. The shadow of the Fed’s interest rate hike is lingering, RMB devaluation again, the central bank also deleveraging in the entire financial market, tightening the currency, coupled with the arduous task of poverty alleviation and heavy, the stock market has recently been difficult to predict strong, it is difficult to compensate for the jump gap. But there is a risk to hold president Liu Shiyu once again stressed that the bottom line system and repeatedly referred to Prime Minister Lee June 28th Davos forum said the changes to prevent blowout or cliff, the fact and the national team has been basically kongpan. So the continuous crash will not appear, short-term may be like in the middle and late May to defend 2800 points to prevent sticking to 3000 points, although the intraday may be below. With the fermentation Fed rate hike is expected to heat up and bad, are likely to form has retreated to the market trend. Why does the new normal subvert tradition? First, traditional technical analysis shows that long disk will drop. However, in the top to prevent systemic risk under the idea, the national team has been under the premise of basic Kongpan, there may be no such thing as the disk will fall, the new normal is long sideways, no long-term trend, no breakthrough, no amount of. Second, traditional technology analysis of gap theory is very important. If the crack is larger, the breakthrough is very strong, or upward or downward. The next Monday’s jump gap is not small, about 40 points, and 3 days a little did not fill. Fourteen years ago my "track" in the book front rhinoceros has an article called "gap: purse or trap" where "gap, immediately follow up in the hand, under the gap, a flesh to go". But is there any panic in the face of Monday’s jump gap? I think it’s because we have repeatedly said this new normal, so we don’t have to panic, and the index is ok. (Sina blog) Sina statement: Sina published this article for biography

多利空又下半城 新常态颠覆传统 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   本周五大指数跳空低开低走,原因众所周知,一为欧美股市大跌,二为监管不松反紧,三为股市扶贫。   周末的美联储鹰派传言致使美股大跌,即使前日鸽派言论又起,令其有所反抽,但昨日再度下跌,形成两阴夹一阳空方炮。看来9月份是否加息还是两可之间,关键是美股已连涨七年,翻了三番,从6000多点涨到18000多点,所以中期见顶回落的可能性较大。   同样是周末,对借壳重组管理趋严,对分级基金又加约束。更令市场恐慌的是证券市场又承担了对接近600个县的扶贫任务。其实这一点也不足为奇,中国证券市场建立之初的出发点就是为国企扭亏脱困服务,二十六年来股市的定位从没变过,扩大直接融资就是为了化解间接融资的银行的风险。   受这几重利空的叠加的负面影响,周一就跳空向下至今缺口未补。   展望后市,市场已再度转弱,又下了半个台阶,说下一城目前还没看到,所以说也就是下了半城。美联储加息的阴影挥之不去,人民币又再度贬值,央行也在整个金融市场去杠杆,收紧货币,再加上扶贫任务的艰巨和繁重,股市近期可以预测难以走强,补掉下跳缺口都很艰难。   但是有刘士余主席再次强调的守住系统性风险底线以及多次提到的李总理六月二十八日达沃斯论坛上就讲过的防止出现井喷式或断崖式的变化,以及国家队已基本控盘这一事实。所以连续大跌也不会出现,短期有可能像五月中下旬死守2800点那样严防死守3000点,尽管盘中可能会有所跌破。而随着美联储加息预期升温等等利空的发酵,有可能形成节节退守的市场走势。   为什么说新常态颠覆传统?   第一 传统技术分析说久盘必跌。然而在高层防止系统性风险的思路下,在国家队已基本控盘的前提下,可能没有盘久必跌这一说了,新常态就是可能长期横盘,长期无趋势、无突破、无量。   第二 传统技术分析缺口理论很重要。它如果裂度较大,突破性就很强,或向上或向下。本周一的下跳缺口就不小,约有40个点左右,而且3天来一点没补。十四年前我的《股道犀锋》一书中有一篇文章叫“缺口:钱袋还是陷阱”其中说到“上缺口,立马跟进握在手,下缺口,赔本割肉也要走”。然而面对周一这一下跳缺口,还有那么恐慌吗?我认为正因为有了反复多次说过的这一新常态,所以不必过于惊慌,指数料也无妨。(新浪博客) 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: