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The sea is still the city Fu: building the Three Gorges Dam to the spirit of Nanjing people to build a good house — real estate — people.com.cn (Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) The development of the city needs builders, electricity to build real estate, the strength of the new China’s central enterprises to build the city of Nanjing dedication. The electrical construction of real estate, real estate development enterprises China first grade qualification, is one of the first batch of the SASAC of the State Council approved the 16 main real estate development and management business of the central enterprises. With its ability to integrate planning, design, construction and manufacturing, it has a good market competitiveness in the field of resource credit, project construction and development. The "4+4+N" strategy according to the understanding of roots in the East China Electric Power Construction in recent years, real estate management system of comprehensive reconstruction and smooth landing, business performance has achieved remarkable results, sales for two consecutive years among the top 50 industries. 2016 electricity real estate will also adjust the strategic center of gravity, is committed to promoting enterprises to do better. In addition, since 2014, the real estate into the strategic power construction in Yangtze River Delta region, and according to the "4+4+N" regional strategic layout, in Nanjing, Shanghai for a number of high-quality projects plots, stronger strategic objectives and accumulate strength for the. "Yue" products, excellent product quality to win the unanimous approval in May 6, 2016, electric power construction real estate officially released four series product line – Wyatt?,? Wyatt, Long Yue, Pan Yue, will be on people’s livelihood, Kang good livable, good to enjoy the city complex, four categories of products to meet the different the customer needs. "Intentions to build home" is the core idea of building the whole product line. "Yue" is not only the joy of life, but also a life attitude and positive optimism. Based on the new China in major water conservancy project construction power construction real estate, itself is representative of the quality of the construction of "Yue" products, with its special meaning, to become the industry leader. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: