Eleven during the main congestion areas concentrated in Harbin, Mudanjiang, Suihua, the surrounding helmet怎么读

The "eleven" period in Heilongjiang province mainly concentrated in Harbin and Mudanjiang areas of congestion, high-speed road around Suihua – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: the first day of the holiday Louis high-speed congestion in the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Department yesterday, much of the country with high moral map jointly issued "China main city holiday travel forecast the report (2016 National Day)". The report shows that eleven during the long holiday, the main focus of congestion in Harbin Province, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, high-speed roads around Suihua. The report shows that the eleven toll free toll road toll, long-distance, short distance travel needs are concentrated release, resulting in high-speed road congestion, the first day of the holiday will be the most congested. October 1st 9 – 15, Harbin, Suihua surrounding excellent high-speed (smoke station overpass – ferry toll station), Suiman Expressway (An Dadong toll station – Pacific toll station) to congestion; October 7th 11 – 19, around Harbin (excellent high-speed toll station – ferry will send the toll station) easy to jam in October 7th; 18 – 20, Mudanjiang crane (Xingshan surrounding high-speed toll station, Hongling viaduct) easy to jam. During the national day, the most popular scenic spot in the province is the St. Sophia church, followed by the Lake Jingpo scenic area and the national Forest Park of the. Popular scenic spots in the top ten in Harbin accounted for 70%, mainly is the Sun Island scenic area, the northern forest zoo, Kanto Guxiang, Harbin Polar Museum etc.. (Liu Shuyuan) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: