Xiuning men’s prison in the creation of the magic of the 305 prisons held a personal show for him wegener肉芽肿

The Xiuning men’s prison yanchuang magic 305 prisons he was held personal show in September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, in the evening, looked at the "tick" the rain did not stop the meaning of the long-awaited, once a year the straw dragon even dance not, every household households watching TV ready to close the door. However, the Xiuning County Rural Fishing Village Board downstairs "crane forward building" lit inside, burst out from time to time bursts of screaming cheers – the village of young Xiao Feng (a pseudonym) held a mid autumn festival individual magic special performance at present here, folks he immersed in the world of magic magic, a breath meditation, in perfect silence, while crying cheers, applause…… The mount is under the arch of villagers, 28 year old, engaged in hairdressing in occupation after graduation from high school. In November 19, 2008 due to repeated fault peer bullying, anger from the heart on committing the crime of intentional injury was sentenced to 11 years in prison, June 25, 2009, from the detention center was transferred to the Zhejiang Province sixth prison three prison area three Supervisor District prison reform. In prison at the beginning of the Hillsborough regret impulse, future is doomed, there have been "Poguanposhuai" idea, once to muddle along without any aim dawdle. In a Sunday afternoon after half a year, and he bored inmates a soup soup chat, a whim playing a card trick, Xiaofeng was deeply attracted, he thought about every detail of them, trying to crack the mystery. Hard work pays off, the second day, he figured out the mystery. Some see Tang Xiaofeng learned without teacher surprised praise. Then, one after another to actually break the Xiaofeng Tang Mou all magic. This accident let Xiaofeng inadvertently caught a glimpse of the magic behind the mystery, he then changed the decadence apathetic state of mind, wandering in the magic world of enjoyable, intoxicating. A wonderful magic in the prison area leadership concern and support and their painstaking efforts were designed, such as "three seconds wear", "big change", "wear mirror" more than and 10 big magic has become a prison held large-scale performances of essential programs. In prison, Xiaofeng research and innovation stage, close to the table and other types of magic 305, and defeated 4 professional magicians in the game show near the prison. At the same time, he mastered the technology of welding and carpentry, has won the praise of individual merit, prison reward points, three commuted to 7 years and 6 months, in June 18th this year released. Before leaving, the prison was a football field as he held 2.5 hours of individual magic show party, attracted 4000 people to watch the audience outside the prison. Asked why the organization of this magic party, Xiaofeng said, held in November 2014 in the family education, parents went to Zhejiang to see his magic show, feel very pleased, and encouraged him to make good transformation, new life. But he also vowed, came out with his father zounanchuangbei performing magic, regardless of difficulties and hardships, one family is happy together, "did not expect, in May last year, my father died of illness. Away from home for 7 years, the Mid Autumn Festival Magic Party is to do something for the village, so that the villagers相关的主题文章: