New provisions of the referee documents part of the star divorce will not be released dnf商人吧

The new regulations: divorce judgment part of the star will not be released to the Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) since 2013, judgment Chinese referee network has been open more than 20 million articles. Today (August 30th) morning, the Supreme People’s Court issued the "Regulations" on the Internet public judgment documents, the provisions of various judgments not published on the Internet, including divorce proceedings involving minors or child support, custody of the judgment. In accordance with this provision, some of the stars will be concerned about the divorce proceedings will not be announced verdict documents. Today, the reporter learned from the supreme law, the supreme law issued a revised document Internet regulations". The supreme vice ministerial level full-time members of the judicial committee Liu Xuewen said that the revised document access rules expanding should be open judgment scope, file lists should be public documents, including the judgment, ruling or decision, dismissed the appeal notice, administrative mediation and other requirements, in addition, "the referee instruments involved personal privacy should also go to the" privacy content "in the hidden public access. The document will be clear on the Internet is not published on the referee’s 5 specific circumstances of the case, including the state secrets, juvenile delinquency, divorce proceedings or involving minor child custody, guardianship, etc.. When should the referee’s paper be posted on the Internet? "Regulations" clearly, the legal effect of the judgment documents should be published on the Internet within seven working days from the date of the judgment documents. (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: