National Day travel to pay attention to the following points 申威1600

The national day pay attention to the following points to achieve a healthy National Day holiday, a lot of people are planning to travel, family travel, experts remind, the outing should pay attention to the following points, to achieve a healthy travel. Eat: not eating, should be light and popular open-air barbecue together nowadays. Oncology doctors advise, appear easily in the process of roasting of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and other carcinogenic substances, through food or barbecue barbecue smoke by the digestive tract and respiratory tract of the human body to absorb, eat barbecue is higher than people don’t often eat barbecue people during the festival or promote cancer, eat more fresh Vegetable & Fruit. Hypertension, coronary heart disease patients during the holidays not eating, especially to control the intake of high fat food, alcoholic drinks and coffee are also not suitable for drinking, as low salt and low-fat diet, and carry the daily drug, can not be stopped by. Elderly people with cardiovascular disease have the best travel accompanied by young people, heart disease patients remember to carry emergency medicine. Wear comfortable shoes and socks wear: diabetic patients with diabetic patients to travel to wear comfortable shoes and socks, to avoid excessive fatigue, especially don’t walk too long time, in order to avoid foot ulceration wounds difficult to heal. The availability of insulin, hypoglycemic drugs, blood glucose and blood glucose test strips, insulin to carry, not checked. Regular diet, carry candy, prevent hypoglycemia. For long-distance travel: beware of thrombosis, do not hold back holiday season has always been to travel abroad, sometimes for up to ten hours by car or by plane, space is very small, easy to cause thrombosis. The car or the plane on the air conditioner, air dry, human blood becomes thicker, more prone to thrombosis. People who have severe thrombosis can cause breathing difficulties, even strokes or death. In order to prevent thrombosis, the long-distance travel in a period of time should get up and walk, stretch the limbs, to maintain the flow of blood and smooth, while adding water. During the trip, the toilet is a thing to worry about. Previously there are news reports, a trip to Yunnan friends, holding back 3 hours the results can not be self urination. Urologists remind, day trips, try not to hold back. Try to cause acute urinary retention, urinary tract infection, cystitis, calculus.  相关的主题文章: