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The mobilization of the greening of Fuzhou Fuzhou why emphasize " a tree shade made of "? – Fujian channel — Fuzhou municipal government recently decided, starting from November this year to the end of 2018, in the city to carry out "national mobilization, green Fuzhou" activities, and strive in the shortest time, so that the level of our city greening significantly upgrade. A new formulation of a new round of green Fuzhou activities, let many people themselves: "adhere to the people-oriented; adhere to adhere to a banyan tree, building characteristics; shade; Hui people, benefit." Green Fuzhou activities should pay attention to what? How to achieve the benefit of the people, weight? A variety of trees last year, the city’s green coverage rate reached 43.41%, built-up area green rate of 40.08%, per capita park area of 13.52 square meters green. But as the South Fuzhou basin City, on the road to a lot of summer shade, heat-wave. Zhou Wenzhang, vice president of National School of Administration recently in the province proposed "establish a new concept of green, green to formalism, urban greening is the first purpose of the shadow made, and then the three landscape, should pay attention to social and ecological benefits, the landscape effect of unity," is always the first practical, greening, landscaping second; building shade first, landscape second". What are the advantages of a big tree? Fuzhou City Bureau of Professor Lin Lin Lin believes that there are three. One is the tree crown, the shading effect is good. Two is a tree lined, immediate. If a tree (diameter in 5 cm to 6 cm), to 30 years to reach 30 meters crown size; as a tree (usually the height of 15 cm to 30 cm), 10 to 15 years of work; such as Ficus species (diameter of 30 cm to 35 cm), as long as 8 to 10 years will be able to years to reach this size. This tree is much faster than the tree lined. Three is a tree ecological benefits. For the city, the tree dust, cooling, releasing oxygen, anti typhoon effect is good, can improve the climate and ecological environment, greatly reducing the urban heat island effect". The banyan tree as an example, a diameter of 8 cm to 10 cm of the banyan tree colonization of the 8 years to 10 years after the crown area up to 100 square meters, summer shade than the surrounding environment of low temperature 2 to 4 DEG C, other species is incomparable. For Fuzhou, the importance of a tree is that as soon as possible to achieve municipal government proposed to build Fuzhou into a "tree in the city, the city in the forest, in the green of the National Forest City and national ecological garden city goal. The shadow made has a long history of love is the government of Fuzhou folk Rong Rong and past dynasties, and formed unique banyan culture. Fuzhou in the late Tang Dynasty is the beginning of artificial planting of Ficus, the history of Fuzhou and Rong heyday. Senior landscape expert Qiu Taibin said: "the Fuzhou Song Dynasty six officials are fond of Wang Kui, Cai Xiang, banyan, Zhang Bo Yu, Cheng Shimeng, Huang Chang, Liang Kejia not only advocated public and Rong, and took the lead by." In 1056, it launched the people in Fuzhou to Quanzhou "in seven hundred to" plant Rong, created the official organized artificial planting fig precedent; in 1065, Zhang Boyu launched the 197 thousand Fuzhou residents ")相关的主题文章: