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"If love" Winter Sonata Fu Xinbo Ying Er played Macao dating Fu Xinbo, Ying Er Entertainment – Sohu Macao dating the reproduction of "unexpected kiss" Sohu entertainment news this Thursday (October 27th) at 21:20 in Hubei TV "love" played "winter sonata"! Fu Xinbo Ying Er Macao dating has suffered 8 typhoon, don’t date to be wasted? Love House our guest on this week collective action, to do charity activities, always lively and cheerful little women suddenly feeling out of control, the black mark face, the audience missed the important story of what? Ying Er, Fu Xinbo dating reproduction accidental kiss? People say fonder, "Xin Ying" since last year to Ying Er home, had not seen you. This does not, Ying Er specially went to Macao to see Fu Xinbo in order to solve the acacia, but also offered full of sincerity, carefully prepared a huge gift box, given to the Fu Xinbo…… Macao typhoon landing, bad weather, out of date, too difficult…… Plans to cancel? Of course not, ah, we must know that the people who love each other to overcome all the difficulties, but also can not go out dating. This is not Fu Xinbo, with Ying Er in Macao, MGM launched "offbeat romantic date, showing the strength of" as long as you are, it is sunny "! Two personal fancy show of affection, watching the game in two people closer together, this will really last? Love House love public line small women emotional tears collapse "Xin Ying" combination of sweet and the hearts of the audience, Love House, to go to the school site when caring teachers. Li Minglin and the little maiden turned art teacher, really curious. Man and woman collocation, work not tired, why not long after the female has little emotional cry red eyes? See the beauty in tears, Li Minglin will share about what kind of story will comfort her, what tricks with students? Originally, this time they visited the Chunmiao school is the school children of migrant workers, the children are mostly left-behind children, parents are in every corner of the city construction, there is little time and energy to care for their growth. What they need is not only material help, but more importantly, they are accompanied by their young age: someone to accompany him to play games, lunch, learn new knowledge…… Love House six guests not only to the children sent to the warmth of their harvest is full of moving. When they combined with the children at the same time, what kind of impression in each other’s mind? What kind of hope for their love? October 27th (Thursday) at 21:20, Hubei TV "love" as you announced, Fu Xinbo captured the goddess hearts love "one hundred strokes", and the Love House love story!相关的主题文章: