The pet dog has stolen police busted a poison dart poison dog Gang carmex润唇膏

The pet dog has stolen police busted a poison dart poison dog Gang the weather gradually cools, and poison dog gang activities. A few days ago, Changshu has more than a pet dog stolen, the police at the scene left poison dart, expand a wide range of investigation, successfully destroyed a across Changshu, Zhangjiagang and other places of the "poison dog gang". The police opened the door, inside the store are dead pet dog, a total of more than and 60, the reporter noted that these dogs of different sizes, the heaviest golden reached 30 kg, the minimum is only 5 kg. Police introduced a few days ago, one after another alarm, said his pet dog stolen. Soon, after investigation, the police suspect in the rental, seized a crossbow, poison dart. The gang found unattended pet dog roadside, use crossbow, poison dart shot fired, after being shot in the dog, the dog with the car fled the scene. At present, the police have arrested four suspects. Police, the clear division of criminal gangs, drug dog out, acquisition, transfer and other aspects are responsible for the sale. Police, suspects used poison dart containing succinylcholine ingredients, this is a kind of chemical drugs can lead to respiratory muscle paralysis, can cause bradycardia, arrhythmia and other phenomena, belongs to the national class controlled drugs, the drug was shot the dog blood and body tissue, also contains drugs.相关的主题文章: