Young forced to take a photo of her boyfriend molested malicious threats dnf商人吧

Juvenile compulsory indecent nude threat to its girlfriend do netizens recently, the minor suspects Xiaowei (a pseudonym, male, 16 years old) to satisfy the curiosity of the QQ, compulsoryindecent met a week of netizen Xiao Yan (a pseudonym, female, 16 years old), and took the small Yan nude photos, small threat Yan do his girlfriend. Now suspects Xiaowei kylin District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of compulsory indecency. He came to Qujing after graduating from junior high school to a restaurant, alone in a hotel room rental. In September 3, 2016, boring through the QQ search near Xiaowei, plus the victim Xiaoyan QQ. The two chatted after a week, then about Xiaoyan Xiaowei to the park to meet. He said he met recently in a bad mood, let Xiaoyan go to the place where he lived with him. Don’t want to go to the small Yan was towed to the hotel daniel. The small Yan to live in their own room, Daniel locked the door, asked the little swallow do his girlfriend, Xiao Yan did not speak, a fire inside the Xiaowei to bed forcibly kissed, and forced to touch the private parts of small yan. He also said to take a few of Zhang Xiaoyan’s nude just let her leave, Xiao Yan fled Xiaowei, let the photographed nude after leaving the scene. Afterwards, see Xiao Yan Xiaowei ignore his own mobile phone, then preserved in the nude to Xiaoyan, threatening its when his girlfriend, will swallow nude to her parents or. Forced to swallow finally the police, the public security organs will be arrested daniel. Daniel in the eyes of parents is an obedient child, why investigators doubt Xiaowei will make these acts, he poured out his inner struggle: "I just want to confession to the girl, then I forced stroked her body to satisfy their sexual curiosity, but as it is the first time I saw a woman’s body. I would like it, usually when sexual desire to see, will be uncomfortable psychological point, to meet their own needs." Prosecutors reminder: 1. Parents should strengthen the psychological guidance of adolescent boys. Adolescent boys with physical development, has gradually become a contradiction of the individual, he has to be moral constraints violations of the rights of the people to tell their own behavior can not be done, on one hand and bear the pain of body growth hormone changes, as the case of Wei, from parental supervision, make the suspected criminal to satisfy the curiosity of behavior and sexual desire. At this time, the boy is very much in need of parental supervision and guidance of sexual psychology, education, to help them get rid of the struggle, through adolescence. 2. Learn how to prevent underage girls being raped. Underage girls because of physical and mental development is not mature, they seek independence from their parents, to find their own friends, but the self protection, prevention of sexual abuse awareness is poor, often easily lead to their sexual rights are violated, parents should be appropriate to the dating situation to remind and guide, nip in the bud. (kylin District People’s Procuratorate   Yang Chaohui   feeds)相关的主题文章: