Donkey received exposure to water released as Suxi version of the theme song for mv- entertainment S 音羽かなで

"Donkey" received exposure to water released any Suxi version theme song MV- MV Movie Poster Suxi entertainment Sohu as "water" as Suxi donkey Ren Zhang Yiman [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment happy twist second movie "donkey" water currently being hit, the film side launched today by the heroine as Suxi singing the theme song "I want you" MV, for the film adds a fire. The heroine as Suxi cross back to modern, in the songwriter Fan Chong’s guitar accompaniment, a new interpretation of the song of song. "Water" on the first day of the donkey reputation victory won the praise of "domestic comedy limit level" in the roadshow process nearly half a month, the film "water" "pajamas" donkey countless viewers, a booming reputation the industry and the audience of the film full of expectation. The film yesterday officially released, many viewers said the film is domestic films and a surprise for most users, cited the slogan "the film tell a joke, you can cry" expression of their viewing experience, "ironically enough poison, although it is a joke, but I was really crying." "when I laugh, the heart is the tears". Many professional filmmakers, media and critics also give high evaluation, a human like "show the precise place, laugh to laugh lines conform to no conventional pattern, on the spot". "Peel garlic BGM" "I want you" quickly jump red Suxi Ren circle powder was sealed countless nightwear goddess "in the film of distinctive character also attracted netizens discuss, whether it is president of the event is not to stick at trifles", Pei Kuishan due to love to hate, or that Zhou Tienan was full of sap. To give the audience a timid and overcautious, have left a deep impression. Among them, the most popular is a Zhang Ren Suxi play, with romance, and Pei Kuishan and coppersmith into "triangle", but because of the situation caused a series of painful experience. With the release of the film, a man who plays Ren Suxi quickly captured the audience, with superb acting, elegant charm to become the new "nightwear goddess", praised the audience "acting figure has voice temperament". In the film, a man while peeling garlic sang "I want you", not only by Pei Kuishan to her confession, more successfully captured the audience, many viewers said, "a man singing the garlic skin spilled into the air, is the most beautiful scene in the movie". The first "I want you" is also the success of the audience brainwashing, there is a feeling of the audience can not help the single cycle of the first "I want you", was drunk drunk with a melancholy melody". More audience humor, said: since then peeled garlic with BGM." The film side today launched the theme song MV, as Suxi traveling back to the modern, with a new interpretation of the song of songs sultry serenade. Songwriter Fan Chongyi appeared, guitar accompaniment melody, clean and simple warmth, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. The movie "donkey water" is currently being aggressively.相关的主题文章: