Wang Sicong rebuked Wowkie Zhang why make users dissatisfied 若槻ゆうか

Wang Sicong rebuked Wowkie Zhang why make users dissatisfied? The Sina entertainment column boiled the land of oyster yesterday (September 5th), Wang Sicong micro-blog denounced the Wowkie Zhang song "airuchaoshui" plagiarism, and the other does not recognize, it also allows two people temporarily boarded micro-blog hot search list. And in the afternoon yesterday (September 6th), Wowkie Zhang micro-blog update, he forwarded his latest "in" the greatest hero in the world to the song "the world" and the fine hi AIT Wang Sicong choked back: "Hello, ah, my new" human "with more than and 20 boutique up hi the first song you reach others, asking for please hand, Mauritius tore this piece son song Bai ~ you know best tea egg and ordinary egg which hit people who hurt ah!" Wang Sicong also responded immediately, he wrote "shameless or quite suits you. This can also be called the words of the next time I can compose. The camera sweep of a Lee Hom fan I was embarrassed face oh". For plagiarism matter is true still really can not distinguish, this could be like an article came out, there are some similar articles, some people change, change it to take what when the original published, sometimes encountered such a situation, always make efforts to pay those who really very helpless. To tell the truth, everyone is hated for plagiarism before, because such a person is a thief in general, this one seems a little different, when Wang Sicong called Wowkie Zhang on the Internet said he was shameless, plagiarism, but there is no support in the netizen, why is this? Why netizens will not go after the old red? Do you mean that this time Wang Sicong was wrong? Let’s look at what netizens say. It hard to love users’ s you said: "I wonder, because people copied your business, are you?" The pocket 21ours is this question: "did Wang Sicong wrote the songs he wrote what song? If the Chinese sprayer is much so I think Wang Sicong is a senior sprayer." From the users of the reply can feel now everyone on Wang Sicong in a variety of spray online has some tired, yeah, we can always see him in the online free to spray a lot of people, probably because of his bold feel fresh at first, then when the efforts of the people have been sprayed, Netizens feel so slowly the spray is not desirable, even appeared the phenomenon of black powder, this old think Wang Sicong should be alert to. In fact, sometimes think small, suddenly you will find Wang Sicong every time choose "spray" people are well targeted, these people are often on the Internet also has a very high visibility, remember the earliest he sprayed is big s husband Wang Xiaofei and his mother Zhang Lan, then he said it is got the approval, because he said that the other is by the name of his father’s work, actually did not know his father Zhang lan. After he was spraying Wang Xiaofei is a pseudo rich, and now it is also a spray on it, because compared to Wang Sicong, a lot of people are not what the giants. But for plagiarism, he is right? Think about today’s entertainment, not to mention a song, even if it is a variety show相关的主题文章: