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Antu, a man robbed a pair of shoes and a bizarre midnight case Zhang Shubo map "somebody help me, someone robbed you." In September 15th, a loud piercing cries for help to break the quiet night of the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion. Antu County Public Security Bureau after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene, was robbed of the Liu old man suffered multiple bruises, messy room, 3 yuan cash Liu hard earned all been robbed. Liu old man living in a relatively remote home, the suspect is very alert, the scene did not leave the slightest clue. After receiving the alarm, Antu County deputy magistrate, County Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau, party secretary Jin Huzhe led the Bureau attaches great importance to all members of the team rushed to the scene, the scientific and reasonable division of labor dispatching command, detection limit, restore victim losses. After all the efforts to fight the police regardless of day and night lasted 72 hours, uncovered this bizarre robbery. The police concluded that robbery crime acquaintances frightened Liu great mood swings, just say two suspects in a short, one of them had a strong foreign accent. The two people directly into the old room, on the spot to find the rope tied, and come up with Liu home kitchen knife and sticks the intimidation, beatings, intimidation and ultimately stand up will be the home of the money Liu place had told all two suspects, two people will eventually Liu old man hard to accumulate 30 thousand and 400 yuan for a lifetime all the money away and quickly left the scene. Two people left, Liu old man broke the rope, endured the pain to the nearby villagers home. After diagnosis, the elderly side rib fracture. During a robbery two suspects did not cover the face, and went into the house the old man Liu come swaggeringly. They are familiar with the old man Liu vision disorders, understand that he has savings, which, the police concluded that the burglary robbery for acquaintances. On a pair of shoes become the detection of cases in September 16th, 17, according to police investigators visited the scene surrounding, video monitoring, key touch line division to work separately, but did not find valuable clues. Due to the incident near the two dragon at the foot of the mountain, sparsely populated, mostly around the housing vacancy, even if the victim is also very difficult to hear for help. Bundled Liu old man’s rope and the use of sticks, knives are his home, investigators can not find valuable clues from these physical evidence. The police found only a set of footprints on the scene, after investigators on the preliminary determination of shoes sole. When asked Liu old man learned that two people had to go to his home in the morning, said he wanted to buy his family mushrooms. Police locked this time, after investigation of the day and night, the police found the suspect wearing shoes in the surveillance video. Task force quickly informed of this discovery, mobilize all investigators to strengthen the association analysis. The familiar faces were recognized investigators in all directions of the detective work are under the command of the task force to carry out everything in good order and well arranged. September 17th, the County Public Security Bureau of Interpol Brigade squadron leader Yin Bo provides an important clue – he recognized the surveillance video in the head of the man who is often out of the county in a lottery station..相关的主题文章: