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NetEase net profit of over Baidu in addition to the game, you should also see these Sohu technology NetEase released Q2 earnings last week, the company once again triggered a discussion manniu. Under the strong support of the game business, NetEase has maintained a good growth in the two quarter, profit and cash flow. Market began to re focus on NetEase’s product matrix, and Ding Lei’s cautious and capricious. NetEase rich NetEase money, this is an indisputable fact. In the net profit margin of this data, NetEase even more than Baidu, second only to Tencent and alibaba. As China’s first generation of Internet Co, NetEase seems to miss a lot of hot areas. Last year, O2O hot, no NetEase showing the behavior of users interested in the line. Other big Internet Co hand a video site, NetEase did not want to participate. But this does not affect NetEase become rich. Q2 earnings release, NetEase stock price of more than $210, the market value of $28 billion breakthrough. NetEase group also holds 29 billion 808 million yuan in cash and cash equivalents. NetEase’s earnings, the game has always been an important role. Q2 earnings report, also referred to the contribution of the legend of the Pearl River stone and watch the vanguard of the contribution of the hand travel revenue. Two quarter online game service net income of $6 billion 438 million, accounting for 8 billion 953 million yuan of net income of $71%. It can be said, and not too much publicity of the game business, is to ensure that an important contributor to the rich NetEase. At the same time, the game is not bad money to other new business development provides a more relaxed environment. After all, most of the business in the early do not make money, profit pressure and fine development, always can’t have. NetEase does not even KPI culture." An insider said. The rise of the electricity supplier game NetEase contributed 71% of net income, but NetEase is not a game company. At least for many female users, the greatest value of NetEase is not a portal, nor is it a game, but the electricity supplier. Mastered the female user, the key to grasp the profit, this is not an empty talk. Father Ma Yun as a successful entrepreneur, behind numerous girls of all ages chop hand voice. Despite the Q2 earnings, NetEase is still on the electricity supplier business to maintain a low profile, classified in the mailbox, electricity providers and other businesses, there is no separate analysis. But Ding Lei himself several times to promote the koala sea purchase, or even directly led to the selection of South Korea and negotiation suppliers have let this upstart sea Amoy attracted enough attention. In addition to the koala sea purchase, on-line soon NetEase strict election is also popular. The main character of the strict selection of quality of life NetEase, is to take the logic of supplier customization, including Muji, THERMOS and other brands of suppliers within the scope of strict selection of cooperation. Bypassing the intermediate links, direct to the original factory, this product is very similar to the logic and the necessity of the previous line, but also inevitably suffered a cottage questioned. But the data speak, strict selection of the line in February, the month of water reached 50 million. For a considerable part of the user groups, the koala sea purchase and NetEase has been replaced by Taobao’s strict selection of Tmall. The general portrait of the group is called the middle class.相关的主题文章: