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A necessary ages Sichuan Museum a good duck on the table will be aroma attracted, sometimes always lazy bones much, because eat up a lot of thought. But here the duck is really make usually do not love me this amazing, the duck stewed very rotten, almost can not do much off the bone. Eat duck brain, soft and delicate, slightly tasty. Duck after a frying process and then stewed, wrapped the skin thin coke taste, fleshy part is different from the white meat is more tasty taste more delicious, there are some similarities with few weeks black duck, strong sweet and much secret fresh. Immediately after eating a package to come home to eat slowly impulse. Husband and wife lung slice is sweet! That’s right, sweet mouth! But it will not feel hate, there is no spicy and more sweet, red pepper oil are all fragrant. Snack dish after dish, eng finally revealed. Boiled beef on the table when it is boiling, a big look shocked the small partners. Slice the beef tenderloin with parts, every piece of almost half a palm size, in this era of soaring prices is simply too conscience. Carefully blow hot air entrance, tender beef is tender to want to scream, completely blocked under the seemingly heavy rain coat. Geleshan spicy chicken is every time I eat Sichuan must highlight chicken inclusion in the middle of the red pepper pot full of appetite is simply too well. Chongqing chefs are invited teachers, no doubt to the spicy master have to Luhuochunjing realm, fried chicken is more taste is coke and hemp, a whole pot in zhaolaizhaoqu the taste actually eat the most clean. The ages of Western blueberry yam almost all ages taste buds. Observed a few tables next door, it seems to have this dish appetizer. Two kinds of sweet and sour sauce over the yam mud delicate, simple and pure ingredients is brought about by the empty plate moment. When the family gathered together to eat, near the end, a bowl of oily solution of pumpkin congee, with black pepper Baked Scallion Pancake reunion festival, the most comfortable but also so. Environment: the store is spacious and clean, very quiet. Traffic: take B3, B25, B30 can be reached. Close to Zhongzhou Avenue, parking spaces are more tense, the night time can be stopped by the roadside. Comprehensive: dishes homely, very large, suitable for family dinner. Pepper, pepper, pepper and other materials were shipped from Chengdu over the years of research, the boss of sichuan. Yu Wen Tokugawa Ka address: Zhongzhou Avenue and Shangding Road intersection 200 meters to the East Road: 10:30 – 22:30 contact: 0371-86633368 price: 40 yuan相关的主题文章: