Three quarter economic data highlights the full confidence of the development – Sohu news 海思k3v2

The three quarter economic data highlight the development of confidence – the Sohu news the day before, the National Bureau of statistics released the economic operation of the first three quarters of 2016, the national growth of 6.7%: the third quarter, better than expected". A number of signal data to pick up China release economic stabilization and consolidation, after some rendering China economic "hard landing" argument collapse of itself. Although the new normal under the Chinese economy is doing well, but there are still pessimistic in the sing empty". In the complex background of the current world economic weakness, Chinese why the economy can be spared? There are views that China’s economy for three consecutive quarters to maintain the growth rate is flat strong stimulus results. In October 26th, the State Council Development Research Center of macroeconomic research department, Guangming Zhang Liqun told reporters that the process of economic growth has been Chinese callback bottom, and China in about 6.7% of the current economy to bottom, is not the so-called "strong stimulation". Figure for the Economic Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center researcher Zhang Liqun "supply side reforms in enhancing endogenous power from an international perspective, the world economy and trade both lower and the short-term is difficult to recover. China international economic exchange center chief economist Chen Wenling told reporters, 2016 U.S. economic growth is expected to 1.6%; the British from Europe, IMF predict its economic growth will fall from 2.2% last year to 1.5%; while Japan’s economic growth rate is 0.5% in 2016 than expected worse, has entered the third recession in ten years. The developed economies overall "go bad", the downturn in the world economy and trade complex background, emerging economies to Chinese economy represented higher, stronger, "it is not easy to maintain 6.7% growth". This is precisely the supply side structural reform, China’s endogenous power is increasing performance. From the domestic point of view, China’s economy is now bottoming out in more than 6.5%, and China’s basic national conditions are inseparable. Zhang Liqun pointed out that, on the one hand, the Chinese government’s macro-control continues to improve in the accumulation of experience, package steady growth program sustainability significantly improved. On the other hand, the current China is still in a high growth of the historical stage, the toughness of the economy and great room for maneuver. Nobel Laureate in economics, Professor of economics at Columbia University, Stiglitz said that in twenty-first Century the largest two big events to the world, one is the American high-tech industry development, the other is Chinese urbanization. At present China’s industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization is far from complete, these structural changes in the release of endogenous potential should not be underestimated. Figure China international economic exchange center chief economist Chen Wenling in the economic month to talk about the speech on endogenous power a: service trade continues to lead economic growth in October 19, 2016, the full meaning of the association of a "small press" and a "big news". Small news that is, Wuhan’s courier Gao Jinfeng 1 years to climb more than 23 buildings in Mount Everest, the annual mileage of more than 5 miles around the earth more than 4. Epitome of the rapid development of the express just pile up like a mountain hand emerging service industry. In the big news of the day相关的主题文章: