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Bill Jay Chou musical and netizen interactive barrage send tickets! Live poster Tencent entertainment Jay Chou directed the film "secret" will move on the musical stage, open the world premiere in Beijing in December 23rd. November 9th 19:50, Jay Chou will visit the musical rehearsal scene, Tencent entertainment broadcast live, Jay Chou will interact with users barrage in the broadcast, and sent the first internal musical theatre opportunities. Ten years ago, Jay Chou directed the film "secret" won the Golden Horse Award for the film, ten years after the film was adapted into a musical and drama version of the "secret" in addition to the original film for the story line, will also select 20 classic songs through the song zhou. The musical will premiere in Beijing on December 23rd. The musical works of Jay Chou "secret" directed by the Broadway Toni Award for best director winner John Rando, the famous novelist Marc Acito wrote, the most respected contemporary Broadway dancer Zach Woodlee choreography, Toni Award for best choreography scenery design and Beowulf Boritt, senior producer of the Broadway musical Marc Routh and Simone Genatt as producer. Such a powerful lineup, it is bound to be the "secret" musical into Chinese music original musical benchmark the current drama is being rehearsed in November 9th, Jay Chou will visit the rehearsal scene, see their music was adapted into a musical, Jay Chou will feel? 19:50 Tencent live to take you to the site, users can also send a barrage to interact with Jay Chou, maybe you will barrage was chosen by Jay Chou, sent the first internal view of play opportunities!相关的主题文章: