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Why don’t your children love reading? Because you missed the two key – Sohu maternal and child often have a lot of parents puzzled, why their children do not love reading at home? This is likely to be missed because of the child’s reading sensitive period, the child’s enthusiasm for reading can no longer come up. So what is the child’s reading sensitive period? If your child has these characteristics, on behalf of the sensitive period to read: 1 no matter what the book turning point of view, whether can understand all poker-faced look, can read repeatedly; there are 2 books, go to the library or bookstore, are keen to see a non-stop for a while. Look at this, look at the moment; 3 love stories, the story will often listen to adults, rich imagination; 4 words pointing to the book reading, even though most of the time cannot read, will go by pronunciation. Reading sensitive period is generally in the child 4 years of age to the age of two and a half of the time to come, some of the better intelligence of the child in advance, as long as the normal intelligence, generally not more than 6 years old, the age of 5. After 6 years of reading compared to the age of 6, children are more difficult to develop habits, so before the age of 6 is also known as the golden period of children’s reading. Secondly, there is a chance to make up for 4 years, known as the silver phase of children’s reading, missed after the child’s self consciousness will become a lot of reading. The famous American physiologist Marian · Woolf through research found that the brain changes in children’s reading, children’s reading is about two regions of the brain are running together, and after this period, the ability to learn languages began to degenerate, we adults in reading, often only one hemisphere of the brain at work. How to cultivate children’s interest in reading? 1, the family should have the atmosphere of reading if you want to let the children develop the habit of reading, adults at home is the best example, please read in front of the children every day, under the influence of the adult, the child will be more willing to contact with books. Home to provide the best conditions for reading, such as children have a place to study, and not disturbed, there are children’s books for children to read, but also help children develop interest. 2, children of different ages, should read those books for 9 months -1 years: big colorful patterns of hard paper (Board Book), to stimulate brain development in adults by baby while watching, he gave the name of a thing, to lay a good foundation for the baby. 1-2 years old: a large picture of the book, the best associated with daily life, such as cooking utensils, appliances, furniture, pets, toys, etc., more conducive to children’s reading and contact. 2 years old -3 years old: parents are suitable for children to read some short, interesting stories, and strive to understand the child’s spoken language, rather than written language. 3 years old -4 years old: to give children the details and plot of the story, but it is best to pay attention to a large number of pictures, pictures can promote the child’s imagination, help children love to read. 4 -5 years old: recommended a story of the comic books, such as "journey to the west", a plot pattern, not only to attract children attention, but also let the children read:相关的主题文章: