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A baby that nobody told me – a perfect mother infant child Sohu direct pregnancy and delivery guide — from "Parents magazine" Author: Marjorie Ingall (UK) during my first pregnancy, I decided to do everything for. I’m crazy reading "important experts" to write the book, monitor each bite into my mouth food, the regular practice of yoga for pregnant women, gently rub lotion fragrant my stomach, do the closest downwarddog posture is bent down to pick up the Lego bricks. Now I have a toddler, and I’m looking forward to my second children. I wish I had more time to devote to this pregnancy, but I was too busy. On the positive side, I learned a lot from my first pregnancy. I am very glad to share with you my hard won wisdom. 1 good, you know when your first pregnancy, you and your bestie try maternity, you have a cute little pillow in the fitting room. Then you tie the pillow to your stomach, put on your coat, and then leave the tears of happiness? Guess what? This pillow lets you see your pregnant for five months. By the time you are nine months pregnant, it will taunt you. Want to know what you will be like, you need to put a small planet in your upper abdomen. 2 don’t buy "goodnight moon". You will receive about 10000 copies as gifts. 3 if you wake up and find you lying on the back, don’t be nervous afraid. From my wide range of reading, I have the impression that the weight of my uterus will crush my spine, let me get hemorrhoids, deprive my baby’s oxygen. These things never happened. What happened: I wake up, I roll. Everyone alive! 4 from time to time, baby want to eat ice cream. Can give a spoonful, guilt is unhealthy. 5 do not be deceived you don’t need to buy some ridiculous baby products, such as a "prenatal sound system". The $50 device comes with a headset, belt, and Mozart’s music CD, allowing you to listen to the sound of the baby in the womb and communicate with him through a microphone. I can imagine tens of thousands of parents leaned over, loudly using French verb deformation, periodically screamed: "let us proud of you! Got a scholarship to Yale University!" 6 expected sometime in your pregnancy, you may have a screening by. You will believe that your baby has genetic defects, a variety of deadly diseases, or gills. Most likely, she did not. When you wait for the next test, learn to take a deep breath of fresh air. Hey, it’s a good delivery preparation. 7 must buy pregnant women pillow. Yes, it will take up the space of your husband’s bed. In short to get it. It took me a few months to make a soft pillow for the museum. At night I turned over a dozen times on the pillow, as if I was making a fat pancake. Body pillow can do this trick. 8 ask your husband to come in and ask him to let you listen to music during your labor. And explain, no time.相关的主题文章: