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Workplace psychological workplace anxiety: 9 coup away your (Figure) 9 coup away anxiety 1, your career to develop a habit to fix the rework, take to adjust the ratio of the first few times of Kung Fu, you got confused in mind. Do think clearly, for a "fix", will have a spot free. 2, the first task to sort out a lot of things at hand, might as well by pressing the emergency, the two important criteria for classification. Then, the priority to do the "urgent and important" thing, the rapid completion of the "emergency is not important" thing; as for the "emergency is not important" thing, do not delay too long. 3, most of the task ahead of the completion of Japan’s efficiency expert Matsumoto Yukio suggested: the time is divided into two parts. In the first half of the time at top speed, try to complete the task more than half. The next time, you will be much easier. This is called "pre – semi – ism". 4, before going to bed for second days "warm-up" if complicated matters, can take second days to do in advance to summarize, be aware of before going to sleep at night, will let you handy, not panic disorder. 5, the early start of the Japanese time management expert Takai Nobuo found that the efficiency of 1 hours in the morning, can reach the afternoon of 2, 3 hours. Therefore, ahead of time 1 to 2 hours to work this way, although the "old fashioned", but really effective, can let people relieve a lot of stress. 6, with the brain in the morning, Matsumoto Yukio found the body in the afternoon, different time for different things. The morning of the mind, such as sorting data, the meeting, the afternoon to move your body, such as running the business, customers, so as to eliminate psychological tension. 7, the use of time and time to do small things, such as the trivial time before the meeting, might as well do some small things, such as ordering things, writing notes and so on, unknowingly less things. 8, resolutely eliminate interference, very few people can do everything from beginning to end, undisturbed. Meet the "emergency", such as the temporary task, unless the most urgent to insist on his own, the best rhythm, a busy to do the next thing. 9, a lot of people can not be ready in time, in order to save time, often "overkill", get the task began, the results can not find out, rush. In fact, ready to help you find the best way to let you targeted. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: