2016 China Auto annual CRM Awards List announced 纪元1701

2016 China CRM car of the Year Awards List announced in August 31, 2016 by the "maintenance" car and Driver magazine and Tencent jointly launched the car, sponsored by the "2016 China automobile annual CRM awards and the fifth session of the China automobile customer care awards ceremony is held grandly in Beijing. More than 150 well-known car companies and representatives from the national media reporters, expert judges attended and witnessed the ceremony. "China automobile Customer Care Award" by the "car and driver and automobile maintenance" magazine Tencent jointly launched in 2012, is the first domestic media from host for car enterprises customer loyalty value system of professional selection. "The car driving and maintenance" magazine President Hu Bo speech auto Tencent deputy director Peng Chuanmei speech in four years, many changes took place in Chinese automobile industry, the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of large data industry, consumer demand becomes more and more diversified, mode, channels and platforms has become an important way for car companies to contact consumers. According to the development trend of the industry, but also in order to make the "China automobile Customer Care Award" to adapt to industrial development, make selection positioning more accurate and more comprehensive evaluation system, at the beginning of 2016, the organizers will "Chinese automobile Customer Care Award" comprehensive upgrade to the "China automobile annual CRM awards". The new upgrade of the evaluation system will be mainly in the pan CRM business system of domestic passenger vehicle enterprises, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the data marketing, customer care, car connectivity, riders organization four business system, strength and competitiveness of enterprises in the deep concern of customer management, marketing, service and care in the field, and strive to create customer value Chinese car coordinate system. "2016 Chinese CRM car of the year awards" was officially launched in March, after the candidate brand collection, brand research and examination, in early July to determine the finalists brand, after the vote, the voting ballot platform collection statistics and final assessment and other aspects of the final selection of the 2016 annual CRM awards Chinese car and the fifth car China Customer Care Award list. In the 2016 China Auto annual CRM awards for the same period, the organizers have also launched a series of special planning activities, including corporate CRM interview, CRM elite seminar, China Automotive CRM industry summit. In the Chinese automobile industry under the new normal, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and the rapid rise of the Internet to allow customers to select channels and more diversified, the traditional marketing and service strategy has been unable to win customers. In the undercurrent of market competition, enterprises to expand market share and improve customer satisfaction, the degree of attention to CRM is more and more high. China’s auto consumption has entered a stable development period from the rapid development, in the case of the overall slowdown in the market demand, automotive companies in the market, sales, service competition has become more intense. In this case, who can win more customer resources, who can win the competition. To win customers, enterprises must establish a comprehensive and effective CRM system, and continuously develop and create customer value. To build a large CRM system, to create customer value car".相关的主题文章: