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Wei Chen to new actor to play Cross was certainly Sohu entertainment Wei Chen at the Beijing Youth Festival Wei Chen gains new actor entertainment Sohu before the 2016 Beijing Youth Festival Closing ceremony held in Beijing, the Asian Almighty idol Wei Chen night with the movie "ice hunt" one gains the "new male actor" honor and success take it as the first film award actor, was sure to play cross! A steady gains "new actor" award from the new forces, dream big movie! The event, when Wei Chen learned that he become a budding actor "award winner, really contain his joy, with this heavy trophy, said Wei Chen is very happy, and promises to better use of the film and television works to repay you in the future. No attachment, not anxious, has been performing on the road by Wei Chen, the film circle with its cross after the second movie "ice" hunt won the award is well deserved! In recent years, it is domestic genre booming, many budding movie people emerge brings new ideas, new topics and new features for the entire industry, started as a singer Wei Chen in the film began to emerge in recent years. The movie "ice" is a murderer shot in suspense action crime film forty degrees below zero cold ground, starring Tony Leung, Tong Dawei, Wei Chen, Dongyu Zhou, Deng Jiajia. In the film, Wei Chen changed the past warm male image turned mysterious killer, the complexity of its role and the hidden nature of the film became the biggest hot topic. Wei Chen also by virtue of its rapid acting won a good reputation at that time! Wei Chen and the "ice" hunt "new film crew is still a great breakthrough, we hope to see a different Wei Chen!" 2014, Wei Chen and Eddie Peng, and so on, and so on, the strength of the actors and actress co starring his first youth film "in a hurry that year", and so on, with the strength of the actors, such as the actor, such as the actor and actress, such as Ni Ni, and so on. At that time a movie at the box office in the investigation, Wei Chen from many actors in the talent shows itself, just a few hours with 1 million 520 thousand yuan of personal box office win, becoming the most powerful suction gold actor, personal brand appeal to users to watch, it also highlights the Wei Chen led to the new actors at the box office power! The "ice" as the murderer of second Wei Chen star in the film, can be "new actor" award this award, and the audience and the youth film for his affirmation and encouragement. It is reported that Wei Chen just a few days before the end of a new movie shooting schedule, when asked whether the role is still a breakthrough, Wei Chen said, a great breakthrough! Hope you see different Wei Chen!" In addition, Wei Chen will also have another new film is about to shoot into the group, is currently in preparation, with the film dream, Wei Chen is using action to prove himself! Let us wait and see!相关的主题文章: