President of the Commission on corruption behavior do not want to be a high level of corruption-音羽かなで

The president will not want to study behavior: corruption is a high level – Beijing new network in Ji’nan in October 30, (Ceng Jie) "the Chinese? Shandong forum 30 held in Ji’nan on the opening ceremony, and announced the establishment of the Organizing Committee of the forum. Dai Jianming, President of the China Association for the study of behavior of the Independent Commission against corruption, said, "China Shandong forum" will be committed to explore the demonstration of the theory of building a clean government, and promote to other regions of china. The crown is not what is the reason? Dare to dare to tiger tigers from, what is the reason?" Dai Jianming said that the current anti-corruption theory and reality is very serious, not corruption should not just out of fear of the law, more important is to should be transformed into the inner consciousness, cherish China Communist and Chinese give people the power of self respect from the personality, not rot, not rot, do not want to rot, do not want to rot is high state. Dai Jianming said that Shandong is the hometown of Kong Meng, adhering to the many outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation, if it can be combined with reality, will be one of the new directions to explore the theory of clean government. He also stressed the importance of learning Marx theory, that the shallow reading can not replace the buried deep reading, hearsay cannot replace the system of Marx’s theory of knowledge learning, should reinforce the Communist China. In an interview with reporters learned that the Commission will be established in December 26, 2013, is a Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of behavioral science, the establishment of clean government behavior theory, the organization of cultural exchanges. China Shandong forum will be held in early 2017 in Ji’nan. (end)相关的主题文章: