Why owe Guo Jingming a best director award-cad2012序列号和密钥

Why is Guo Jingming a best director award in the Sina entertainment column boiled this sunny Hundred Flowers Award results came out, Internet has become a curse, many people refer to "China film pill", see the list of winners will know why: in addition to the best actress Xu Qing was well deserved, the other three seems to be funny and I do not know the thought into the golden Raspberry Awards site. First look at the nomination of the major awards: the best actor nomination, Huang Bo, Deng Chao, and the absolute strength of the school is sent by the. Huang Bo, acting to blaze a new trail in Qingdao lady; Deng Chao, Jin Jue Award for best actor nomination, regulars Sanjin, "sun burning heart" inside the death penalty of that period still fresh; Feng Xiaogang, just last year with "old gun" won the Golden Horse best actor, heady. Before a lot of people think this is their flower winner for three, the other two are run with. Best actress five in fact are matched, the works are hugely popular, for who seems to have become. Best supporting actor nomination, in addition to Li Yifeng, Chen Xiaocun in the sense of weak, three in the film the other performance is known as the "textbook acting": "dear Zhang Yi," and Huang Bo on the show did not tend to leeward, their style of performance. Recently in the know is Zhang Yi’s performance insights circle powder, real actors will take from the theory and practice of drama. Duan Yihong "sun burning heart" inside the acting Deng Chao not lose, even worse, it is light in the stills eyes can make people overwhelmed with admiration for. Xia Yu "subversive" dragon tactic inside the show amazing how many people? The role of big gold teeth were he alive, the Venice actor is not white to. Best supporting actress Chen Yao too little drama, Li Yuan’s portrait of the stunning portrait of the film last year, the personal reputation of the film rose straight up on the line, and so on, in. Liang Jing is the old play bone, also won the Golden Horse Award for best actress. A woman are so upset, the judges are collective selective blindness? Also want to ask: Lei Hao is hanging who exists in the "inside" Dear acting nominations, even you are not kidding me??? Really, this play fine inside, I don’t know which of the three is how deus ex win results came out, the people’s daily comments below is this award is called to delete all the micro-blog that night despite the fans a strength of washing that deserved however, if the audience does not buy it, not a blind, Li Yifeng fans also took the Maggie Cheung prize once said a words to maintain their own idol, sarcastic is jealous of Li Yifeng, is a "Lao Tzu that took you can get me what" attitude. This behavior angered Maggie Cheung’s collective fans (not the sister Mandy strong mass base, the masses, fans) said it was her black was the most miserable time. (Maggie Cheung said these words in the interpretation of "Ruan Lingyu" won the Berlin best actress and won the Golden Horse Award said, their opponent is Anita Mui, Carina Lau and Yang Jingyi, "" days of being wild "gulingjie less)相关的主题文章: