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The White House: no evidence of election fraud has a large Sohu according to the Broadcasting British Corporation News reported on November 29th, "Trump accused the election vote on massive fraud", the White House spokesman Josh? Ernest (Josh Earnest) said that there is no evidence that this statement. Trump, who won the election in November 8th, has previously claimed that voter fraud exists in the upper reaches of the ballot papers in the state of Virginia, New Hampshire, and California, and in the case of fraud in the United States and the United States in the country, which has the upper hand of the voters in the election of the United States, which has the advantage of fraud in the election of the voters of the. Ernest at a White House press conference said: "I want to say is the objective fact that there is no evidence that the rhetoric of Trump." 27, the winner of the electoral votes of Trump on the social network twitter (Twitter) expressed his dissatisfaction with the results of the U.S. presidential election. "In addition to the overwhelming majority of the electoral college," he wrote in his article, "if I ruled out the millions of people who had been guilty of fraud, I would have won the election." Broadcasting British Corporation, a North American reporter, said, the argument for Trump, as water is important to fish." The reporter believes that this is a typical Trump style strategy: the face of a charge, and then from the perspective of the plaintiff debate. Don’t Trump’s rivals want to recount the votes in the state he won? Then, he claims to have been a state of mass fraud by Hilary.相关的主题文章: