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Liu Meilin sold the show to make fun of yourself "Adorable coloratura black" Liu Meilin Sina entertainment news on November 25th, Liu Meilin Disney movie "ocean vocals romance" will meet the media held in beijing. As a dubbing and theme movie starring the singer, Liu Meilin said, this is an experience for professional broadcasting and hosting her "dream of childhood". In the interview, Lin Mei talked about, and the princess Disney Moana is the most fit skin is dark, also revealed that he has "sell adorable" in the film show. When it comes to love the princess, Liu Meilin live performances from "Snow White" in "colorature" singing, and revealed to show a variety of coloratura. Liu Meilin appeared in a number of musical variety show, for the first time for the film dubbing, she admitted very satisfied, very satisfied, because the voice of the princess is a childhood dream". When it comes to deals with the role of Princess Ahna Mo most attracted to her beauty, Lin is called the "passion" and "adventurous", and said with a smile, first saw Moana, because two people are "black" and deepen intimacy. Liu Meilin is currently studying at the Communication University of China broadcasting host professional, also has a strong interest in dubbing, daily brush drama will imitate the role of dubbing. The scene, she also brought a "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the Queen’s lines show, the audience too much like her ""! When interviewed, Lin Mei said, in his film, "sell adorable" show, to sing songs of childhood hero. Speaking of favorite princess, Lin Mei said to snow white "impressed" because the film "Snow White" taught her coloratura singing "". The simple display, Lin Mei said that the future will in a variety show more coloratura songs. It is reported that the new Disney movie "ocean romance" in November 25th the North American release synchronization. Actress Moana Chinese dubbing the film a few songs and interpretation by Liu Meilin featuring. (Nanyin Wen Chen Xiwen) (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: