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95 new four small king Wu Lei Wang Yibo Liu Haoran Wang Junkai selected Tencent entertainment idol with increasingly younger age, "four little star" and "four size" this title has been unable to meet the needs of today’s entertainment. Earlier a "mini opera" selection of the boom has not faded, recently 95 after four little kings and freshly baked, Wu Lei, Wang Yibo, Liu Haoran, Wang Junkai four 95 after the boy was selected. Wu Lei was born in 1999, Wu Lei, in fact, has been a debut 11 years old play bone. In 2005, he starred in the television series "Fengshenbang" of Qishan Fengming and entered the entertainment circle. After have taken the "family", "alien young heroes" and "genuine" (mainland version of The legend of Condor Hero Louis Koo Andy Lau edition version), "tornado girl" and many other works, the audience was known. Last September, for his role in the costume drama "Nirvana in Fire" Machiavellian "fly" in a corner of the great acclaim a full-blown career. In addition to shooting "chasing rainbows", "miracle: the teenager" odd, "Wrath of fresh clothes horse The Classic of the Great Wilderness legend," red shadow "havoc in the East China Sea", "cyclone" girl in the 2 film and television works, Wu Lei and Chen Kun, Xu Zheng, Han Geng, Yin Zheng participate in recording large original series suspense type outdoor reality show the program "twenty-four hours", has the endorsement of the La Roche Posay, lay’s potato chips, shooting the "fashion COSMO" and "bazaar", "wisdom" and many other well-known GQ fashion magazine, can be said that the four most processed after 95 small kings in hand can heat a. Wang Yibo Wang Yibo was born in 1997, 2014 with the asian idol group UNIQ’s debut in the group as a dance, Rap, facade, the first mini album "EOEO +" issued last year, won the 2016 Iqiyi night screaming "2016 annual music awards, MTV Europe Music Awards" best global artist "and a number of at the same time awards, and comprehensive propaganda in China and South Korea, the momentum is very good. Focus on the music performance at the same time, Wang Yibo and Chen Yao, Aaron Kwok starred in the movie "dream partner", and Han Geng, Tang Yan starred in the movie "westward journey 3", directed by Chen Mingzhang recently busy filming urban love inspirational comedy "human to taste" in the play is Qing Huan, Joe Chen, and Tong Dawei. The show, just two years after will be able to participate in so many major productions, film and television resources can not be underestimated. In addition, in April this year, Wang Yibo also successfully joined the Hunan TV variety shows ace "every day" the fixed host team, in terms of variety also produce a satisfactory answer so. Compared to the previous Wu Lei, Wang Yibo with a short span of two years to achieve the music, film and television, variety, hosting, endorsements and more harvest, the future development is worth looking forward to. Liu Haoran, also born in 1997, is currently studying at the Central Academy of Drama 2015 undergraduate performance system. February 2014 starring Chen Sicheng directed the film "Beijing love story" (Drama) debut, and by virtue of the film nominated for the twenty-first Beijing University Film Festival Best Newcomer award. The difference is that Liu Haoran did not get together after the debut film and television works.相关的主题文章: