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Green 11+7+5 dream to promote the all-around title worthy warriors Basketball Super – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 17th, Jinzhou warriors 127-121 beat the Toronto Raptors team won five straight, curry 33 points, Durant 27 points, but the ball team to win the most important or key players – Green Drummond. Green recently said in an interview with the media that he is the strongest player in NBA, the players do not need to use the score to reflect the strength and effectiveness. Today the warriors beat the Raptors game is Green Almighty’s masterpiece, Green game got 11 points and 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals. Under section second the middle of the game the warriors 4 points behind Green, his right ankle sprain back, led the warriors hit a wave of attack wave 23-4, Green in the offensive frenzy contribution 2 blocks screenings of 2 assists and 1 steals, the warriors with 15 points against super raptors. U.S. media reporter also tweeted: Green in the defense of the different ways to help the warriors, he can block, to break the ball, low defense is very good. If the warriors win, curry and Durant will score because of applause, but Green is the dominant player today." Today competition opponents inside the Raptors warriors strength is not weak, Waland Nath season averages 13.5 points and 10 rebounds, Green game to curb Waland Nath inside the ball, the warriors reserve center Mcgee performance is not good enough, 4 minutes 4 turnovers, Green should shoulder more defensive responsibility. Green in the final seconds of the fourth quarter is defending Terrence – Ross and DeRozan, Green played as long as normal, on behalf of the warriors running smoothly, today’s game Warriors team assists the Raptors is more than two times. At present, the Braves have 5 consecutive games assists more than 30 times, four giant hair play Super Basketball role. Create 73 wins in the last season, the warriors had created 8 consecutive assists 30+ record, according to this momentum, after this record point the day and await for it. (CHE)相关的主题文章: