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34+8+6MVP don’t throw three points to solve the problem he just play layup a section of a time to solve the problem of sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, Jinzhou warriors in the home court to 115-102 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, the warriors headed guard Stephen curry played 37 minutes 19 cast 13, three ball 8 throw in 4, scored a game the highest 34 points, including 17 points from the third quarter. In addition, the library also had 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. After the start of the game, the warriors played a 12-4 attack climax, Curitiba first shot is received Craig – Thompson assists and hit the three ball. There is no doubt that the library is the NBA’s best three point shooters, three point ball is often the best weapon to fight him on the pitch, but today the game, especially the first day, the most offensive scoring Curitiba from three point within. The first day to more than 8 minutes left, after the break to the free throw line library area completed a long cast, showing very good shooting touch; more than 3 minutes left, curry in the basket along the bottom line from three Timberwolf, then suddenly he killed a huimaqiang, face Downes’s defense, Curitiba still hit a bottom line cast; the first day more than 1 minutes left, from the right side of Curitiba breakthrough, he deftly from two wolves players in the bag to the basket, finally completed a low hand pick the basket. In fact, the Treasury under the basket end ability is very good, but his three ball is too powerful, that belies his other offensive strengths. The first section, curry scored 11 points, but he did not score in the second quarter, thanks to Durant in the lead, with warriors at halftime. After halftime, curry was in the second half of the state to rebound, shortly after the start of the third quarter, he hit a three ball. While curry bursts appeared in the second half of the third quarter, when the Timberwolves Wiggins buckle Yan Mcgee, shocked the Oracle arena, but then, curry in a half court offense in continuous crotch after the completion of a breakthrough, in response to Wiggins’s dunk. After entering this ball, Curitiba sent and then get out of hand, he finished a fast break layup, and forced the forest wolf suspended, but suspended after the end, even with three points into the library. So, the second day did not score in the third quarter, curry scored 17 points, 17 points ahead of the warriors. It is worth mentioning that the high score of 17 points is Curitiba this season a single second. He had 23 points against the Blazers before. This is where the good curry, he may score during the game is not stable, occasionally there will be a day like this single 0 points of the situation, but he can also play a single 17 point performance, and instantly change the market situation. This is the role of a superstar. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: