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Earthquake? The 5 season was traded or all of the core team Phoenix sports news this summer, the league has appeared a lot of amazing deals, New York Nicks Derek Ross, Geoff Teague was sent to the Indiana Pacers, Orlando magic with Chanlayibaka oladipo et al. Before the closing date of the transaction, there may still be shocking transactions. Chatsports inventory of the trading deadline may be sent before the players were the following: 5, five – Griffin Blake Griffin Griffin’s name has appeared in the summer trade rumors, although the clippers have tired of him on the sidelines of the event, but still want to retain the core lineup, attack again on the next season the total champion. However, Griffin will become a free agent in the summer of next year, and there are signs that he is very interested in joining the home team next year, thunder and Wei Wei fought side by side. The Clippers this year will struggle, once they seem to struggle, or warriors seem unstoppable, so they can try to get a return from Griffin, but not in the summer he lost. 4, Norris – Noel Noel 76 people throughout the offseason has been looking for a buyer for Noel and Okafor, but given Noel blocks the ability of attracting more of the team, he is perhaps the more likely to be traded. The Celtics and Cavaliers have both expressed interest in Noel. Now we have to see how quickly the en bide to adapt to the rhythm of NBA. Nebid’s physical condition and ability to adapt, will largely determine Noel’s departure time. 3, Rudi – Gaye king Gaye management already know that Gaye wants to leave, they are trying to find homes for him. Many teams are interested in Gaye, including the nets and rockets and wolves. 2 – cousins, DeMarcus cousins cousins in 2018 will become a free agent, he has the intention to leave Sacramento. The king still has two years to go, but it is almost impossible for them to win the championship. It might be a better idea to take away the test and get some players who can help the team to rebuild. Although the team has not been put on the shelf, but they are listening to the other team’s offer, bulls, knights, green army and the Lakers are very interested in god. If coach Joerg and Cousins are not in tune, then expect the king to trade him. 1, Ricky – Rubio, the Timberwolves guard has said that if the team failed to reach the playoffs in the 2016-17 season, he may seek to trade. But maybe he can’t stay in Minnesota for so long. The Timberwolves didn’t start selling him aggressively, but they were already looking for potential buyers. Wolves selected Chris – Dunn in the draft, he is the team’s long-term plan for guard. Rubio was just a matter of time. In fact, the Timberwolves and the king have been discussed with Rubio for the relevant matters of the Gaye.相关的主题文章: