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The first section report: 9+6 Leonard 10 rocket harden LAN 33-24 Spurs – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 10th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Houston Rockets game at the Sanantonio spurs. The first section of the game, the Rockets 33-24 temporarily lead. The first section opened two teams, not too much temptation, the Rockets were launched, quickly here, harden continuously sent pass, to help Cappella and Andrew Anderson outwire score, he can hold the ball to the finish inside the basket. And the Spurs side, Danny – Green injury hit three points, Leonard three points and shot, the Spurs will bite the score. But this quarter, the Rockets Attacking Fire gradually, Gordon free throws, the outgoing wave 16-4 attack climax, will quickly extended the lead to two digits. Harden foul penalty again, Leonard three network, single finished, rocket 33-24 lead. The Rockets starting lineup: Ryan Anderson, Clint harden, Cappella, Ariza, Cory – Breuer spurs starting lineup: Leonard, Mills, Danny, Green, Aldridge (Poirot Gasol)相关的主题文章: