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At the 800 ball United laurels? Mourinho after 14 years have 3 straight – Sohu sports of Hongkong famous poet Wyman Wong once said, how to treat the past stain? We can use more stains covered old stains, now seems to be in Manchester " > gaoqingtu: Rooney Ibrahimovic Marshall over his head down the hips but hurt back Hongkong’s famous poet Wyman Wong has said such a word, how to treat the past stain? We can cover the old dirt with a bigger stain, and now it seems that United are doing it. Lose the Manchester derby, lost to Faye Nord, and today against Waterford! For the first time to the Hornets for nearly 30 years, but the Reds had to know the opponent 11 game winning streak! The race for the 3 game losing streak, coach Mourinho is also extremely rare, most recently in August 2006 (then cross season), and swallow in the same season race 3 streak dating back to 14 years ago during the 2001-02 season at Oporto. In the UEFA Cup after losing to Faye Nord, he said Manchester United must not be lost. The reason is very simple, as a strong team, timely correction of errors quickly return to winning track is the basic skills. Of course, since Ferguson printed retirement, Manchester United has been in the running in period. Whether the team tactics or team formation are far not reached the ideal state. The Times reporter Olivier Kay Mourinho pointed out: so far there are two major problems: 1, the star on the system before; 2, the muscle on the head before. This is exactly the opposite of Guardiola’s idea at Manchester city. Kate is not difficult to understand his meaning is Mourinho too much attention to players, and not "love" clever player. But in Mourinho seems to have lost two factors is not his own control, one is the referee, one is luck. With Manchester City and the Waterford team, Manchester United are indeed suffered a controversial penalty, opponents suspected offside and suspected foul ball, the referee ignored and conceded cause. But there is also a need to admit that Manchester United played really well enough! As guest commentator Mcmanaman bluntly: I think Manchester United at the BT sports team today played clueless at all. Manchester United midfielder Scholes has said that Rush Forde is the only bright spot. It is worth mentioning that today is a goal of the Ford rush Manchester United in the Premier League away 800th goals, this is the first of this height in the league, the nearest Arsenal team is currently a data for the 704 ball, there is a certain gap with the Reds, but Manchester United should not rest on our laurels Van Gaal, during his team’s Premier League away to attack is very poor. In the three game losing streak, the Gambling company will be Mourinho’s class odds from the initial 1100 to 133, while Guardiola remained in the most unlikely class position. Of course, whether fans or the reporter Mourinho still have some patience, at least basically reached a consensus, now Manchester United with Mourinho who can not take? The club has invested 150 million euros this summer相关的主题文章: