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Exclusive secret: why Wu Lei missed a single Hao Junmin world wave insider – Sohu sports country foot 2-3 Korea break Yu Hai to celebrate the 1 Seoul World Cup Stadium, on the spot on the score to 0-3, how many people will think Chinese team have collapsed, will lose fourth behind, even fifth balls? How many people will think China will unfold Jedi, even after two goals, even has a chance to tie the score? You see, this is the charm of the football game, the script is never as you imagine. Although the assumption doesn’t make sense, I’d still like to think if the game was 0-3? What will be waiting for the country? Abuse? This is for sure, even if the score is 2-3, missed a few opportunities Wu Lei, micro-blog has been turned over the day, the problem is to scold Wu Lei, Wu Lei will be able to score? (this topic, I will talk about tomorrow) what is more terrible than abuse? The whole country full confidence collapse, coach Gao Hongbo was on trial, 12 series a 10 game, from the first game after the start into the idea of the farce. Will there be a coach in the script? Shall we not change? Lippi can teach for half a month? Don’t say, we won’t. For so many years, we know too much about the existence of Chinese football. Win the sky, lost even their parents to greet the players. Fortunately, the final score is 2-3, that is, we often say that despite the defeat rong. Circle of friends brush a variety of chicken, for example, see hope, to see the fight, see the Orangemen in the future. Okay, now playing chicken enough, let’s talk about Chinese football, reasonable. 2, South Korea’s national football game, the 5 defender, midfielder placed 3, front two smart players. This is clearly a swing coach team formation, certainly not small, voices of doubt. The game process, especially in the first half, the Chinese team did not invest in offensive forces. See the last moments of 2-3, many people will assume that, if the exchange with the South Korean team, maybe who wins? Is the five defender wrong? The summer’s European Cup just near the end, Ireland won 1-0 Italy, Iceland 0-0 draw with Portugal, C Luo shelling out gas. Strength is not as good as the opponent, the bus is wrong? Don’t forget the last two games China team flat in Hongkong, a domestic coach Gao Hongbo, requires the attack with the Koreans? Do we want more? The answer, after yesterday, I interviewed Feng Xiaoting, national football captain said, if to attack, perhaps the opponent will be more opportunities. Many people like to assume. For example, Zhang Lin, should not be on, such as Ren hang should not, for example, why not start Gao Lin? The motivation to criticize, victorious, that is the belated effort. China yesterday this game, put back 5, Zhang Lin? And renhang play on both sides on the back 5 Feng Xiaoting, inside, the 3 recent games are not system, Ren hang three stops, Zhang Lin has been sidelined? August, when Feng Xiaoting’s FA Cup, also basically in the state of cultivation. If you count Zheng Zhi as a centre back, then相关的主题文章: