Shuffle the cards! Barcelona what is the soul of dissatisfaction with the frozen move (video)-tamiflu

Shuffle the cards! Barcelona team spirit: what move dissatisfaction frozen Mascherano (data) or at the end of the season [] the main battlefield gradually fade out Barcelona 5-1 away win two Messi ball Su God less meritorious deeds (special correspondent translation Austria Bayer Barcelona macwhite) Saturday to 5 to 1 victory over Eli Gane J, however, Mascherano did not hide or will in the future can not become the main force lineup concerns, he stormed out of the albtal stadium. Mascherano is one of the smartest players, and a lot of experience tells him that the performance of Eli Gane J is bad news for him. At the beginning of September to return to the Argentina squad for the World Cup qualifier in Russia before Mascherano against Bilbao at San Mames racing missed the starting lineup. Champions League against Celtic, he also left the bench, Umm Titi is the first appearance. Mascherano quickly said, "in the two very important games so far, I have been on the bench, and Umm Titi starting, it can clearly tell you something." There is no doubt that Enrique’s early season, the main lineup is to send an important message to the people of Mascherano and others, that is, the official line of Defense () is the new and old. Mascherano will lose their main position, and the summer window of the new aid Umm Titi will become the new partner of the new president of the United States and the United States and China will be a new partner in the future. People worry that they will lose the main position, is no longer an indispensable force. Until this season, he was Enrique’s first choice. However, the outbreak of Umm Titi let Enrique have more choices, and if you want to return to the main line-up, Mascherano will face more difficulties. He would never openly discuss such a topic, because he was a gentleman, but he did not think Messi and Suarez, he did not get preferential treatment of Enrique. After playing in two World Cup qualifiers, Enrique decided to let Messi and Suarez on Alves holiday, although Mascherano is the oldest of the three players, but he was still into the starting lineup. Because of the long trip, Mascherano is also on Alves terribly fatigued, poor performance, it is his two turnovers lead Alves beyond all expectations at the Nou Camp to win, but after the game, Mascherano admitted his failure to his teammates in the locker room. A series of recent events have caused Mascherano’s concern. He thought he was not Enrique’s first choice in the face of the key battle, and for this reason, he is anxious to wait for the Barcelona coach’s decision against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. In the face of the Champions League, Mascherano may be aware of his position in Barcelona, a key battle, if he did not play with Peake, his role in the team has changed forever. His frustration may turn into anger. The reason for this is that Mascherano received an invitation from Juventus in the summer. For Mascherano, he could have perfect career ending brilliant Barcelona last season to win La Liga and the Copa del rey. He is willing to accept the invitation of Juventus, after knowing this, Enrique put pressure on Barcelona President Ba Tomei U, he asked.相关的主题文章: