Milan striker gnan suffered flu, played in the Pescara sports Sohu – doubt-jcuv是什么车

Milan striker gnan suffered flu, against Pescara doubt – Sohu sports Zhuangao October 30th hearing, suffered due to flu, AC Milan striker Niang can play the game against Pescara in doubt. Beijing time at 22:00 on Sunday night, the Rossoneri against promoted Pescara at San siro. Italy Sky Sports revealed on Saturday evening, the union of flu signs. If his condition is not improved, the 21 year old French striker will miss the game. Niangben season has been Milan’s main players, has made 9 League appearances, 3 goals and 3 assists in dedication. If the union is unable to enter the stage, the position of Bonaventura may advance, and Chewbacca, Suso form the attacking Trident, and Jose Sosa will appear in the midfield position. AC Milan against Pescara squad: Gabriel donnarumma, Plymouth, Abate, de Sileo, Zha; Evans, Gomes, Rome gnoli, Zapata; Honda Keisuke, Bonaventura, Kurtz card, Pasa Ricci, Polly, Locatelli, Sosa; Kurt Roney, Lapadula, Baca, Adriano, gnan, Suso [commissioning editor: Pan Junwei]相关的主题文章: