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Eat the vegetables of different colors | knowledge, practices are not the same! Sohu health Sohu health, health, nutrition and Food Association, deputy secretary general Gu Chuanling the same thing, in different environments will be very different. Vegetables, too, a lot of nutritious vegetables, if you eat the wrong way, it is tantamount to losing their health benefits of the human body. Green, red, orange… What is the difference between the nutritional value of vegetables in different colors? How to cook in order to maximize the retention of nutrients? Green vegetables green vegetables is the largest proportion of vegetables, lettuce, rape, spinach, leek, celery, chrysanthemum…… Their green comes from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can improve constipation, lower cholesterol, prevent liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. In order to reduce the loss of chlorophyll, suggested: 1, 100 C can make food boiling water scald chlorophyllase activity was completely lost, water is not open on the dishes under increased chlorophyll destruction. In addition to boiling water scald can inactivate vitamin C oxidase, reduce the loss of vitamin C; you can also remove the oxalic acid calcium, iron and other minerals absorb most of the impact, the removal of part of water soluble pesticide residues. Green food with boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minutes, the time is too long but will increase the loss of various nutrients. 2, do not add vinegar green leafy vegetables can also be fried to eat, but it is recommended not to add vinegar when cooking. Add vinegar to make pH decreased, the chlorophyll to pheophytin, chlorophyll lose activity, also can make the vegetables exhibit irreversible effects of brown color dishes. Red vegetables are the most common red vegetables than tomatoes, tomato red from lycopene, high maturity red tomato lycopene content richer. Tomatoes can enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity (lycopene antioxidant capacity is 3.2 times the beta carotene, vitamin E is more than a factor of 100), it can also enhance the body’s immunity, improve skin allergies. 1, eat raw or cooked? Have eaten cooked for vitamin C, lycopene, but lycopene and vitamin C on heat is not stable, but the tomato emergency fire stir fry two or three minutes out of the pot, both for vitamin C and lycopene loss is not great, but heating can destroy tissue with for the release of lycopene. If eaten, to be chewed, it can destroy the organization, to maximize the absorption of lycopene. 2, tomato or tomato sauce? If you do not like to eat tomatoes directly, you can also add tomato sauce seasoning in cooking. Eat high concentration of tomato (35 grams of lycopene 100 grams 20 grams) is equivalent to more than half a catty of raw tomatoes, this is its advantage. However, there is no added tomato sauce is too sour, so the ingredients are often added sugar and salt seasoning, it is recommended that the use of tomato sauce as seasoning, cooking can not be used too much. Another red pepper is a red vegetables, from the red capsicum red pigment, have certain health benefits, but spicy for children, elderly people, gastric ulcer may be too stimulating, can be replaced with red pepper. When it comes to orange vegetables, everyone thinks of carrots and pumpkins! They are.相关的主题文章: